What Should I Wear for a Destination Wedding?

Alt: Best attire for a destination wedding

Destination weddings give you the perfect reason to pack up and jettison to an exotic paradise away from your home city. And packing the right attire for the upcoming events is nothing but exciting.

From the wedding couple to the guests, you need to dress appropriately based on the, weather, and type of ceremony. Here are some tips.

Choose Attire According to the Theme

If the wedding has a theme or dress code, try adhering to it when picking your outfits.

For example, if it’s a casual beach wedding with a pastel color theme, a breezy sundress in light fabrics is ideal for women. In a formal setting, a pleated maxi dress with bold patterns or metallic accents can look pristine. Don’t wear a long dress that drags sand at a beach wedding. 

Men can choose a traditional suit and tie for a formal occasion. But, they can ditch the tie and suit jacket for a semi-formal or casual ceremony.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Attire

Depending on the location, choose the right type of dress material or fabric. For example, if it’s a beach wedding, women can go for fabrics that aren’t too heavy or clingy.

Linen, chiffon, taffeta, and cotton blends are some popular options for a hot and dry climate. However, if the ceremony takes place in a vineyard, choose a lacy gown or satin dress with Victorian neckline and minimalist accessories.

For men, cotton and linen are the safest bet for the beach or outdoor destination weddings. You may opt for slacks with a light button-down shirt and simple shoes. For indoor or rooftop events, a tuxedo in cotton or blends is always the best.   

Choose the Right Colors

Like fabrics, the color of your attire also depends on the location and venue. For a tropical wedding, avoid wearing black unless you want to wilt under the sun. But don’t be afraid of choosing bold colors and prints.

Terra cotta, fuchsia, aquamarine blue, deep blue, emerald, and tangerine are some stunning shades that women can choose. Don’t refrain from exciting prints, stripes, and embroideries, based on the type of ceremony.

Men, on the other hand, can choose light shades like beige, grey, cream, or white for beach weddings. For a formal event, a black or dark grey tux is a perfect choice. You may wear a linen suit in tan or blue for a semi-formal ceremony.

Always remember that you have to travel to your destination with your outfits. So, choose dresses that are easy to pack and carry, as well. Don’t hesitate to ask our wedding specialists for any help in selecting or traveling with your clothes.

Alt: Choice of dresses for a beach destination wedding

Can I Customize My Destination Wedding at a Resort?

Alt: Personalized place settings for destination weddings

Planning for destination weddings at popular resorts can be overwhelming with all the bells and whistles that come with it.  Expert planners can get the confusion out of the way by helping you to customize your wedding the way you want it to be.

Let’s find how to choose the right one.

Do You Need a Personalized Wedding Package?

Most of the resorts offer standard and custom wedding packages for your convenience.. Resorts offer standard options for theme and color choices and include basics like flowers, cake, décor, and dinner.

However, if you want more guests and a unique experience on your special day, the personalization of packages makes more sense. Here, you have to share your vision with the wedding planner and let them do the magic.

How Can You Personalize Destination Weddings

The best way to make your destination wedding unforgettable is to add your unique accents wherever possible. Follow these tips to make that happen.

Use a Unique Theme and Color Scheme

From a tropical wedding to vintage settings, you can choose any theme for your wedding. Customized packages allow you to make every selection. You may select a color code for your wedding. This code will apply to everything, including attires, official invites, decorations, and table settings.  

Use Monograms to Brand Your Wedding

From the place settings to luggage tags, cocktail napkins, dance floor, and signage, you can brand everything. Stamp your wedding’s date and your initials on every point of contact for your guests. Also, put a personalized welcome sign to greet your guests upon their arrival at the resort. Don’t forget the tables set with scented and monogrammed towels for those who’ll travel all day to attend the ceremony.

Create Welcome Bags for Guests

For personalization of guest experience, give them a warm welcome with a thoughtful and sweet gift. Prepare small welcome bags filled with goodies like local snacks, itinerary, disposable waterproof camera, map of the resort, and unique gifts for the young ones.

Create a Signature Drink

Nothing can be more personalized than a drink named after you to celebrate your special moments. Ask your wedding planner to arrange for a signature drink that complements your taste.

Choose Unique Entertainment Options

Take your guests on an adventure trip or excursion on a sunset cruise as a thank-you gesture. Check with your wedding planner for the entertainment options. You can arrange for a themed night, bonfire, or a comedy show with all your close friends and family around you.

Planning customized destination weddings can take a lot of hard work. But, you can hire our experts to make it easy and affordable. We will coordinate with you to plan everything as you wish.

Alt: Personalized invites for destination weddings

How Much Does A Destination Wedding Cost in Mexico

Stunning destination weddings in Mexico

Destination weddings in Mexico are the best way to enjoy a romantic experience without spilling over your budget. A multitude of resorts and beautiful locales offers excellent options to plan a perfect ceremony.

All-inclusive packages in locations like Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cabo San Lucas, or Puerto Vallarta allow significant savings for soon to be wed couples. 

Here are the factors determining the cost of a destination wedding in this tropical paradise.

Cost of Travel and Accommodations

When planning a destination wedding, the costs of travel and accommodations make up a massive part of your budget. You can find an average all-inclusive package at an upscale Mexican resort to be around $6000-$7000, depending on the number of days you spend. Many other coastal cities like Cabo, Cancun, Huatulco, and the Riviera Maya offer accommodations in the price range of $100-$150 in a four-star+ resort.  

Regular flights can range from $250-$450 per person. Add to it transportation from the airport to the destination, and you have a major portion of your wedding planning sorted out.

Cost of Guest Experience at Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is all about exhilarating experiences for both the couple and their guests. You tend to have fewer guests to celebrate your special day this way. It means you can spend more money per person to create a memorable experience for them.

Include welcome baskets with local treats, pre-wedding parties, or excursions to the local attractions for your guests. It may cost you around $50 per person to make these arrangements.

Cost of Décor and Photography

Destination weddings are the perfect time to create lifelong memories with stunning décor and photography. Save a bunch by choosing a beach destination like San Jose del Cabo, Oaxaca, Cozumel, Tulum, or Banderas Bay.

All these locations offer an impressive backdrop and breathtaking sceneries. So, you can skip over-the-top decorations.

The photography packages for weddings may range from $550-$8000, depending on the scale and type of shoots you want. The expensive packages may include photo booths, offsite photography, and drones, among others. Here again, you can save by choosing all-inclusive packages.

How to Save on Your Mexican Destination Wedding

If you want to save more on your budget, try planning your wedding in the off-season months like October-November when you can find a price break on hotels and travel.

Locations like Cancun, Tulum, and Cozumel offer modest prices for exceptional amenities. From exciting nightlife to international cuisines, dramatic beaches, cultural potpourri, and tranquil settings, they offer everything within your budget.

Planning a destination wedding on a budget doesn’t have to be a pain in Mexico with these tips. Also, our experts will help in making the arrangements based on your vision, and comfort.

Décor at the destination weddings in Mexico
+ Destination Beach Wedding

What Is a Destination Wedding?

The question, “What is a destination wedding?” might have you instantly imagining a couple on a beach, barefoot feet, and the surf breaking behind them as they say their vows. That’s a great example of one type of destination wedding but there are so many other options, it’s a shame to limit yourself to a beachside setting.

What Is a Destination Wedding?

Any wedding that’s in a location outside of the couple’s hometown or their current city of residence can be considered a destination wedding. While picturesque locations are most commonly associated with destination wedding planning, they’re not the only options.

Foreign travel and exotic beaches can be romantic but there are just as many romantic destinations within the United States for your wedding. From a gorgeous beach wedding on either of the coasts, to nuptials atop a mountain, or even a splashy and fun Vegas wedding – they’re all destination weddings and they don’t require a passport.

Strip Sign of Las Vegas Closeup Photo. Famous Strip Entering Welcome Sign. Nevada, United States of America.

Domestination Wedding

In fact, these domestic travel weddings have been dubbed domestination weddings and are quickly gaining popularity. Destination wedding planning can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of guests that need passports. While domestination wedding planning has some of the same considerations, you don’t have to worry about the time involved in getting a passport.

How to Pick: Local or Distant Destination Wedding?

The first thing to think about is what do you, as a couple, want for your dream wedding.

If you have always wanted a dream beach wedding, you might want to go tropical, but you could get that same experience while staying domestic. This might give you the opportunity to save some money and it could mean more guests can attend.

Some people love the idea of having a wedding at a place that has meaning to them, like where they first met or had their first date. Other people want to try something completely different and mark their special day with brand new experiences.

Other things to consider when planning are the expenses, how much time do you have to plan, and how many people you plan on inviting. These are pretty big considerations and can sway your choice one way or the other.

If you think a destination wedding is for you, be open to all the possibilities that travel has to offer. There are so many fantastic places to visit, across the globe. This will be the adventure of your lifetime and what better way to celebrate than with an exciting vacation.


When Should I Send My Destination Wedding Invitations?

 “When to send your wedding invitations?” It’s probably one of the most common doubts many couples face on their journey. The standard rule suggests that wedding invitations should be sent four to six weeks in advance to avoid prolonged RSVP delays.

However, when it comes to wedding destinations this rule may change a little. Couples need to take into consideration factors such as schedules, ability to travel, and other commitments their guests may have. 

Keeping good communication with your guests is crucial to avoid misunderstandings. That’s why we’ve broken down a step-by-step etiquette guide. This article will help you create the perfect time frame to send your wedding invitations on time, and enjoy the wedding of your dreams!


Not sure where to celebrate your honeymoon? Read our article about all the entertaining things you can do in Lima, Peru

Wedding Save-to-date Invitations

Classic Save-to-date Invitation

Experts suggest sending save-to-date invitations between 6 to 9 months in advance. It is important to formally notify your loved ones of your intentions to celebrate your wedding on a specific day and destination. So, they can schedule that date on their calendar and avoid making other plans.

If you are a traditional bride and you’re looking for elegant classic invitations, it’s best to send them via mail. This option will allow you to play with different invitation styles and paper goods. 

But, if you’re looking for a more modern option, you can create your own website and notify your guests about all the wedding updates through that platform.

Recently Engaged? Find everything you need to know about how much does a destination wedding cost?

Destination Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Destination

At this point, it’s important to remind your guests that the wedding is just around the corner. So, they must have their travel reservations and everything in order before it’s too late.

What do we suggest? Send your destination invitations 2-3 months in advance. The key here is to find the perfect balance. Remember! If you send the invitations too early, your guests may not pay much attention.  Although, in the opposite case, if you send them too late they’ll not have enough time to set everything for the wedding.

Thinking about a honeymoon in Rome? Check out our guide to seeing Rome in 3 days

When to Request an RSVP

Wedding Table Settings

One month from the wedding date is the best moment to start asking for RSVPs. Note that you must add an option where your guests can reply. This way you’ll know how many people will actually attend your wedding.

Finally, a good way to establish the perfect time to request an RSVP is to check the deadlines of each supplier. Write down when is your deadline with your catering service, travel agent, and resort.  This will help you see the big picture, and set a realistic time frame for your guests!

+ Destination Wedding

When Should I Book My Destination Wedding?

Imagine starting your life together on a tropical beach or a distant city full of history and romance. No matter where you picture your destination wedding, it’s going to be the start of something amazing, incredible, and uniquely yours.

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that a destination wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation. This means that you need to be ahead of the curve and ready to start making choices and scheduling right away. Since you’re reading this, we know that you’re ready to get started and make that dream destination wedding a reality.

Booking a Destination Wedding

Cheerful newlyweds at beach wedding ceremnoy

The rule of thumb is that you should book your destination wedding 12-16 months in advance. Of course, there’s always a little (and sometimes a lot) of wiggle room.

A destination wedding means different things to different people, add to that all of the details and moving parts and your booking date can move up and down the timeline. So, what are the considerations when booking a destination wedding?

  • Wedding location. Is your destination a short drive away or will it require passports and air travel? Obviously, the more that’s required of you and your guests – the more time you’ll need.
  • Popularity. Some very popular wedding venues are booked years in advance and if you have your heart set on one of these locations, it’s best to book as soon as possible.
  • Your personal situation. Do you have pets, kids, a job, and other obligations that you need time to make arrangements? If so, then booking in advance helps tremendously.
  • Personal situation of your guests. What about your guests? Will they need a lot of time to get their finances together, arrange for time away from home, and take care of all that they need to do before a big trip?
  • Finances. Speaking of wedding finances – sometimes booking early can earn you big discounts. Or, having a wedding that’s slightly out of season can help with costs. This will affect the date you select and how far in advance you need to book your wedding.
  • Climate, weather, and tourists. Picking a destination wedding date means looking closely at your destination and their seasonal changes. Very popular, in-season dates will require pre-booking well in advance while less popular times of the year might be easier to book last minute.

If you’re looking for a guideline, your best bet is to book your destination wedding about a year to a year and a half in advance. This typically gives you enough time to ensure availability and for everyone to plan as needed.

Just remember, this is just a timeline estimate. Booking a year in advance is a good idea but, in some cases, you don’t need to be that proactive. In other situations, you’re going to need even more time to book your destination wedding. No matter where your destination wedding leads you, Bella Honeymoons can help you get there.

+ Wedding RSVP

When Should I RSVP for a Destination Wedding?

Long before you say “I do” the wedding clock starts ticking. There’s so much involved in planning a wedding and a lot of it comes down to timing. A destination wedding adds even more moving parts because it’s not just about getting people to the venue, you need to get them to the airport first. So how do you manage a destination wedding RSVP? These tips will help you pick your RSVP date (or dates) and keep everything running like clockwork.

A Traditional Wedding RSVP

It’s good to know the “rules” for a traditional wedding RSVP and the reasoning behind it before selecting your date. Emily Post, the manners-guru, suggests using a “reply by” date that is two to three weeks before the wedding. While this is great advice, it’s not always enough time for modern weddings.

It’s not really the wedding couple that needs this extra time, it’s the caterer, the venue, the wedding planner, the travel professionals, and many others who really need to know how many people to expect. That said, you can tailor your RSVP to your event size and the requests of your contracted vendors.

Destination Wedding RSVPs

A destination wedding requires a bit more time than a traditional wedding because travel is involved. Bella Honeymoons will help you pick your RSVP date, but sending your invites about three months in advance with an RSVP target that’s six weeks before the wedding is a good rule of thumb. This gives everyone time to prepare and make any arrangements they need.

Holiday Weddings

Planning a destination wedding during a holiday is often a great idea because it gives everyone an extra day or two to enjoy the destination, but it complicates the RSVP a little bit. Because you’re asking people to potentially change their holiday plans, it’s best to send the invite sooner – try to get it to them three to four months in advance. Then give them a little more time to respond and set your RSVP three to five weeks before your special day.

Invitation Waves

Have you heard about invitation waves? It’s becoming a more popular part of destination weddings because it allows you to invite more guests.

The first wave consists of your A-list family members and friends – the people you consider absolutely essential. But let’s face it, even though you think they’re essential, they might not be able to make it. If they decline, then you replace their spot with B-list guests and so on.

If you’re going to try using the wave system, then the first RSVP date needs to be at least four to six weeks before your wedding date to allow you time to invite the second wave of guests and allow them time to RSVP too. Just remember that your wedding is going to be special and unique because it’s all about you. This means you might need a little more time once you have a headcount for planning. Or, you could be on the other side of things and not need exact numbers, so you can give your guests more time to confirm their schedule. These tips should give you the guidance you need to narrow down your wedding RSVP date, so everyone is happy.

Entertaining Things to Do in Lima, Peru

As we continue our Virtual Honeymoons Around the World Series, the time has come to introduce one of my family’s favorite destinations. Perfect for a true immersive and unique honeymoon experience, Lima may be just the place to take the top spot on your bucket list.

Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru. With its bustling city life, rich culture, and eye-catching architecture, there’s so much to see and do that it could take several vacations to the land to truly encounter it all. The entertainment found within the city’s borders surely is a treat to all tourists. Since there’s no shortage of things to do and Lima may overwhelm its newcomers, we’ve narrowed it down to five things that all tourists should experience during their visit.

Street Food Carts

One of the city’s most sought-after features is its abundance of street food vendors. The inexpensive street food options are endless and an absolute delight to the palette. Famous chefs primarily own the street carts found in Lima and hold a high standard on the quality of the food they decide to offer.

Primitive Architecture

Large colonial structures with meticulously detailed features are all over the City of Lima. The vibrant golds and rich colors are sure to catch your attention as you walk through the streets and head downtown.

Try Pisco

Native to Peru, Pisco is a light brandy that is created by the winemakers of the nation. The foamy sour drink infused with bitters is one of the most favored by connoisseurs from all over the world. If Pisco is a little too bitter for your palette, have it mixed with ginger ale, splashes of lime juice, and topped with a cherry. This tasty alternative is called the Chilcano.

Explore Boho Barranco

As the country’s trendiest and most artistic region, Boho Barranco attracts many sightseers.
Sitting atop a ravine, the views from the district seem to go on forever as you wind through the streets to find all the sweet little art galleries, museums, and boutiques to buy souvenirs. Many of the galleries showcase the making of their art forms and let their guests reach into their artistic side by getting hands-on.

Cruise Along the Coastline

Along the coastline, you will find an assortment of entertaining things to do as you cruise aside the water’s edge taking in all of its beauty. Enjoy ongoing views from a cliff’s edge at El Malecon de Miraflores, take pictures with your loved one at the sculpture of two lovers, or head to the beach for some fun in the Pacific Ocean.

Lima is a very special place indeed. If you would like to discuss what this magical destination has in store for you and your honeymoon cutie, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

17 Fun world About the Philippines

Bella Honeymoons & Destination Weddings has been having so much fun with our Virtual Honeymoons Around the World series that we have decided to upload a few of the different blogs we’ve been working on at once, so you can have just as much fun as we are transcending time and space virtually until we can all travel again. This time, we present to you: THE PHILIPPINES!

  1. With islands galore and a community inspired culture, the Philippines is always a beautiful place to visit. These ten fun facts about this archipelago will be sure to ‘Wow’ you!
  2. Copper – Because of the volcanoes, the mineral deposits are incredibly abundant. The Philippines are believed to have the second-largest gold deposit, following with the first largest copper deposit in the World.
  3. Longest Snake – Already a second World record here; the Reticulated Python is the longest in the world, reaching up to 29 feet. The snake also doubles as the longest reptile. Luckily, as with all pythons, they are non-venomous.
  4. Christianity Rules – The Philippines are the only nation in Asia that is over 85%
    Christian. The majority of that percentage being Roman Catholic. The second highest religious group is Muslim, with 5.7%.
  5. Extended Christmas – In the Philippines, Christmas begins in September and ends in January during the ‘Feast of the Three Kings.’ Food and traditions are very similar to America. The countdown from September to January is known as the “Ber Months” and includes decorations and lots of parties.
  6. New Animal Species – The Philippines have had 16 species discovered in the past decade (300 total). That makes them the highest in the world. Some findings include the new sea slugs, sea stars, Patelomera, and countless new coral species.
  7. Duck Egg Dish – Balut, also known as a boiled fertilized duck egg, is an interesting dish that is popular in the Philippines. The embryo is typical street food and is considered to be an aphrodisiac (this will prove handy for your honeymoon).
  8. Large Pearls – In 1934, a Filipino diver discovered a 14-pound pearl in the Palawan Sea. The pearl is more than 9 inches long and known as the “Pearl of Allah.” It is rumored to be over 600 years old and worth over $40 million.
  9. Karaoke Kings – Although a Japanese musician (Daisuke) invented the concept, it was Filipino Roberto del Rosario who patented the Karaoke Sing-A-Long system in 1975.
  10. The Text Capital of the World – With a subculture known as ‘Generationtxt,’ the Philippines has reached record levels of communicating via text. They use apps that do not require data or WiFi, which makes it much more affordable. When you mix that with their sense of community, it’s clear how they acquired this new-age moniker.
  11. Bangka Boats – Bangka boats are outriggers that are also referred to as Banca or paraw. It is a double-outrigger with very narrow main hulls. There are many variations of the boat available and can be utilized in an impressive amount of ways.
  12. War and Peace Flag – The Philippines is the only country in the entire world that has two different flags for peace and wartime. When the country is at peace, the red portion will be at the bottom of the flag. The opposite indicates the country is at war.
  13. Volcanoes and Earthquakes – With a total of 37 volcanoes in the Philippines, there are 22 active. Located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” there are roughly four earthquakes per day.
  14. Nurse Supply – 25% of the world’s nurses come from the Philippines. There are so many in the States that they’ve formed their National organization called the ‘Philippine Nurses Association of America.’ The influx of Filipino nurses stems from a migration that occurred at the turn of the 20th century.
  15. Chicken Adobo – This is hands down the national dish! A great tasting simple Ilocano cuisine that includes pepper, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and vinegar. You can swap the chicken out for seafood, beef, or pork. It is simply delightful.
  16. Tinkling and Sigil – These are names of two of the Philippines’ traditional folk dances. These dances are unique and are being preserved by the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk-Dance Company. When performing during special occasions, Filipinos dress in national garb.
  17. With a variety of cultures, foods, and ethnicities, the Philippines is a great destination to explore.

This just scratches the surface of what this charming South East Asian country has to share. Be it for a quick romantic getaway or an exclusive honeymoon extravaganza, the Philippines surely has something amazing to offer. Let’s talk about it! Get on our schedule for a complimentary consultation today.

Guide to Seeing Rome in 3 Days

How romantic is Rome?! Perfect for lovers, Rome is an extraordinary capital, and it can take weeks or more to get in all the sites, cuisine, and culture. Bella Honeymoons & Destination Weddings presents to you, for the first time ever: A Virtual Honeymoon Around the World. We will offer series of short blog articles that deviate from our typical “beach” and “wedding” themed blog articles and expand into some of the finer destinations wedding couples and loves have long enjoyed for their honeymoons, babymoons, romantic getaways, and family vacations. How could we not start with Rome?!

Since traveling can often be stressful when visiting a place that has so much to offer. This list will pinpoint the absolute best places to visit if time is of the essence, and love is at a premium.

Day 1 – Vatican, St. Peter’s, Trastevere
To get the most out of your day, start early! You want to arrive at the Vatican in the morning to beat the crowds. Be sure to dress humbly in reverence of the religious city-state. Take an early walk and
explore the global city streets. You can sit on the gorgeous Spanish Steps and take in the ethos, and people-watch before beginning your adventure. Next, head over to the Vatican museums. There are over 54 Christian and art galleries within the city, and the collections are stunning. Be sure to visit the
Sistine Chapel, which holds the striking ceiling art done by legendary artist, Michelangelo. Once you’ve gotten your fill of art, stop by Via delle Grazie and grab some lunch. To top your day off, have some fun at the beautiful neighborhood Trastevere. If possible, check out the award-winning La Gatta Buia, they have an unbelievable Fiori di Zucca!

Day 2 – Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum
The best way to begin your second day is to hop aboard the Metropolitana (subway) and take a ride to the Colosseo station. Once you’ve arrived, stop by the ticket counter and purchase your one ticket that will grant access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum (If possible, avoid first Sundays)!
Be sure to do some research on this ancient wonder beforehand so that you understand what you’re exploring. There are many spigots throughout the area with fresh water, grab a bottle before leaving.
Now, it’s time to hike up the Palatine Hill! It may be wise to get a private tour if possible. The views from the hill towers are stunning and overlook the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus. On your way back, keep left to arrive at the Forum to take in even more majestic views. Grab some dinner and get some rest for your final day!

Day 3 – Pantheon, Largo di Torre Argentina, Piazza Navona
Begin your last day with an espresso and head over to the Trevi fountain. Keep with tradition and toss in a coin for good luck! Next, head over to the Pantheon church. While there, be sure to be respectful and keep your voice low. After a good lunch, stroll over to Largo di Torre Argentina, which is also known as a
cat sanctuary. The cats are well taken care of by a local charity, and feeding them is prohibited. Lastly, we have Piazza Navona to explore. This elegant showcase Square in Rome is built on the Stadium of Domitian. If possible, visit at sunset as the sight of the Square is awe-inspiring.
Now that you’ve accomplished an impressive three-day tour. Enjoy a great glass of wine and rest up before heading back from this wondrous city.

Nothing says “Amore,” like a visit to Italy. To discuss your honeymoon or destination wedding aspirations, please contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

Recently Engaged: How much does a destination wedding cost?

Quite easily, the number one question I’m asked when doing a consultation, or sometimes before someone even requests a consultation is: how much is this going to cost me? Which, let’s be honest, is a legitimate question. However, the answer isn’t as straightforward as one may think. What is for certain is this: a destination wedding us a very cost-effective way to have the wedding of your dreams.

According to The Knot, the average wedding is $33,931. Compare this to the average $7,000-19,000 that one may spend on an all-inclusive destination wedding at a 4- or 5-star resort, and you can see why so many people are choosing to exchange their vows abroad. So where, exactly, will your destination wedding fall within that range? Unsurprisingly, many things can factor into the cost of your destination wedding, but it doesn’t have to be as confusing or costly as you may be imagining. Let’s talk about it.

The very first consideration when planning your destination wedding or Shaadi is location. Location is key for a number of reasons, both obvious and not-so-obvious. Obviously, you want to wed beach with a gorgeous backdrop of glistening waves in mesmerizing shades of blue. And obviously, you want a beautiful resort with plenty of amenities and activities. Mexico, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Hawaii… they all plausibly fit the bill. Not-so-obviously? Factoring in travel distance. Do you want to travel far? How long do you have scheduled for your destination wedding, total? How much of this time off of work do you want to devote to travel instead of enjoyment? How far are your guests traveling? How much time will the average guest have off of work to attend, and will travel eat into that time greatly? What about the availability of resorts? How many resorts are in your location of choice? Which resort will you choose? What’s in the vicinity? The location will make a difference when figuring your time and budget.

Second, how many guests do you really think will attend? It goes without saying that weddings are guest-dependent when it comes to destination wedding costs. We pay per person for almost everything- meals, lodging, excursions, transfers, etc. Knowing a good estimate of the number of guests actually likely to attend will go a long way in figuring your budget. Instead of hoping 200 people attend because you invited 200 and you’re super-popular, perhaps take another look at your guest list and pare down the ones who are unlikely to travel. Objectively pruning the guest list in the early planning stages will save you time, money, and heartache. Properly completing this process can also mean the difference between choosing a less expensive resort or destination over a nicer one due to budgetary constraints. It is also important to know how many guests the resort of your choice can accommodate, both in rooms and during the wedding activities. Larger parties are better suited for some resorts, while other resorts cater specifically to small weddings and elopements. An accurate (as much as can be expected) guest list is imperative when setting your budget.

Third, and possibly most important, what do you want? What kind of experience are you looking for? Is your wedding taste ultra-luxe with all the extras necessary, or are you looking for a more rustic, minimalistic ceremony and reception? Knowing your wedding style when planning your destination wedding is also important and has a huge impact on the costs. All-inclusive resorts offer multiple wedding packages at various price points: from free to upward of $8,000-and the package offerings range from basic to extravagant in accordance with the respective pricing. Wedding packages are almost always sold separately from the room block and should be factored into your budget. Also of note, most wedding packages have a guest limit. Any guests above this limit are charged separately based on whether they are staying on property or not. Wedding couples may overlook this detail when receiving contracts directly from the resorts and end of blowing their budgets on the tail-end as a result. We do not want your final bill to give you a heart attack! Plan ahead!

When planning a destination wedding there are many things to consider budget-wise but it doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating, or wallet-breaking. What if I promised you that you could have the wedding of your dreams with the right budget, timetable, and reduced stress level? Going it alone is passé. Bella Honeymoons & Destination Weddings is here to help you answer all the questions and guide you through the process of planning your ideal wedding on the beach. Contact us today for your free consultation and to have your questions answered by a real person, on the frontlines of the destination wedding industry. Trust me, it’s much faster and easier than reading blog after blog article hoping you get the answers you’re looking for 😉.

A wedding on the beach is all that we need to start our life off right…

Destination Wedding in Punta Cana, DR.

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