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Hi! I’m Gabby, The Girlfriends’ Getaway Guide, and I adore planning celebratory trips to the Riviera Maya & Cancún for sexy, fun ladies that love to pamper themselves and have a great time! What’s a “celebratory trip” you ask? Well, honey, that’s destination weddings, bachelorettes, suddenly single/divorce celebrations, promotions, birthdays, sorority reunions, church retreats… Pretty much any excuse for the ladies to come together in Mexico in joy and love, I’m here for it all! And I choose to work with women because the energy we bring when we get together is nothing short of magical, and we all need that renewing feminine force in our lives from time to time.

When I’m not relaxing at a 5-star resort in Mexico or traveling full-time across the United States in my luxury fifth-wheel with my four amazing kids and (almost) 3 dogs, you can probably bet I’m in the kitchen replicating a meal I’ve seen on Cooking Channel or recently tried at a new restaurant. As much as I love to cook, I love to eat! Where else might you find me? On the web, of course! Check me out here.

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