5 Benefits of Holding a Weekday Wedding According to Experts

A weekday wedding is generally the least common option for many couples. After all, weekdays are often the most uncomfortable date to attend a wedding. Keep in mind that they have their own business and have to do many things related to work and school – when it comes to family groups- during the week. For this reason, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the days with the highest demand for weddings.

But with the arrival of the coronavirus, the basic rules around planning a wedding have changed. Many couples had been forced to postpone their big day until this and far into next year. This implies that they must go through a hunt – again- to find a suitable venue and date.

Of course, the most popular hotels, restaurants, and venues are collapsing due to all the couples trying to book a date as soon as possible. For this reason, most wedding planners are suggesting brides think outside the box and consider a weekday wedding.

Thus, if you are one of the brides who unfortunately had to postpone her wedding and you still don’t know what the ideal date is, this article will be ideal for you. Find out why you should consider a weekday wedding and the benefits that you and your guests can enjoy!

Planning a Weekday Wedding is Less Stressful

Weddings that take place on a weekday tend to be more relaxed. In fact, people are even more punctual, and that’s why holding weekday weddings can take the pressure off the groom, the bride, and the guests. Just think about it! The dress code is less demanding, the ceremonies are shorter and the number of guests is usually smaller.

Whether you decide to celebrate a City Hall wedding or a destination wedding, you and your guests can enjoy an intimate ceremony and a calmer crowd during a weekday. And don’t forget that you can also choose a date with a special meaning for both such as the date you kissed for the first time.

Get Better Deals on Food, Beverage, and Venues

Although the food usually costs the same no matter what day of the week you decide to celebrate your wedding, you can get good deals on equipment and delivery if you hold a weekday wedding. As these are wedding days with lower demand, many vendors tend to offer competitive pricing on other parts of the service they provide you.

Any other reason to consider this option?  You also have the possibility of upgrading your wedding! Think about discounts on drinks, food, and the possibility of upgrading the minimum required. The same happens with the venues. When couples hold a weekday wedding, they can – sometimes- have access to other non-booked areas at the location of their choice. Just be sure to discuss your intentions with your wedding planner and vendors, and try to reach a suitable agreement for both parties.

Flights & Accommodations are Cheaper on Weekdays

If you are planning a destination wedding you know how important is to stay on the budget. Holding a weekday wedding is a great option to save some money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Not only will you get cheaper flights, but also the resort, the church fees and transportation will be cheaper. In fact, according to experts, a couple can save up to 25 percent of the budget compared to people who celebrate weddings on weekends.

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