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Find Out How to Make Your Wedding Makeup Last Under a Mask

Wedding makeup and COVID-19! Definitely not the best combination. For many brides, it is important to look good on their wedding day. But unfortunately, with the arrival of covid-19 to our lives, and the way we celebrate weddings have changed.

It is not only about social distancing, but also masks have become essential on a daily basis. Thus, how to look beautiful at your wedding while wearing a mask? It is a question that many women are asking themselves and here we have the answers.

Below we have broken down the best makeup tips, so can you look spectacular and without worrying about your makeup.

Make Last Your Wedding Makeup with Primer

Primers will be your best ally during your wedding day! Why? Because it will help you get that matte and long-lasting effect you want.

Keep in mind that primer’s formulation is based on helping you blur imperfections. Besides, it offers to moisturize effects that help your foundation to adhere to your skin in a better way. Finally, primers help you control that sweat effect in your skin.

Choose a Good Long-Lasting Foundation

To achieve that porcelain skin effect, you must choose the ideal foundation for you. In this case, it is important to find a liquid foundation and complete the look with powder.

The good thing is that right now you can find many options in the market. There are foundations that are water-resistant and smudge-proof. Indeed, you can find foundations that suit needs such as oily, sensitive, and dry skin, among others.

Just remember to apply your foundation with a brush. Then finish with a sponge for better distribution. Finally, the powder will assure you an enduring coverage. 

Eyeshadow, Brows, and Mascara to Level Up Your Look

If you wear a mask most of the attention will be on your eyes and eyebrows. Thus it is important to highlight these areas appropriately.

So, how to make it work? Apply your primer first, then use cream shadow and your preferred gel liner. Play a bit with the shadow colors and allow your eyes to stand out with a good waterproof mascara.

Finally, do not forget to outline your eyebrows. Tinted eyebrow gel will be the best option because it assures a long-lasting result.

Wedding Makeup, Lipstick, and Face Masks

Lipstick is that finishing touch to your look. And of course, you will need a shade and lipstick that is dependable all day long. Especially because you must take into account that you will be putting on and taking off the mask all the time.

How not to leave all the lipstick in the mask? Simple! First, you need to exfoliate your lips with any moisturizing balm of your choice. Let it dry and then outline your lips with a long-wear liner, after that apply a long-lasting matte lip.

When it comes to your weddings there are many details to take into account, not just your makeup and attire. For this reason at Bella Honeymoon Destination Weddings, we focus on making the life of the brides easier. Enjoy a free consultation with our experts now! 

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