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Find Out the Best Tips to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Car

The getaway wedding car is unique because it allows you as a newly married couple to drive off into the sunset in style. Well, at least to the wedding reception. But it’s symbolic of a new chapter in your life, so dare to dream to ride in your dream car as a newly married person! But what car should you choose?

As with everything else in wedding planning, there are helpful tips to navigate choosing the best wedding car. Here are some things to know before selecting your ideal vehicle for your big day.

Plan Your Wedding Car in Advance

Just like renting a car for a road trip, the best cars usually go quickly. Book the vehicle you want for your wedding at least a year in advance, or if you plan on having a wedding quickly after your engagement, the car should be the first thing you book. Many couples get married during peak wedding season, so the car should get priority booking like landing your venue.

What many couples don’t realize when planning their wedding car is that the wrong car greatly affects the rest of the wedding! Whether you choose a fancy Lamborghini or a horse-drawn carriage, make sure it’s a practical choice for your wedding dress too. You don’t want your bride tripping on her ballroom gown dress while getting out of her vehicle to go to her wedding.

The Car Should Match the Wedding Theme

Nothing makes less sense in a wedding than showing up to your beach resort wedding in a tractor straight from the farm. Having the wedding vehicle match the theme and location will immerse your guests further in the magical experience that is your wedding.

Many traditional weddings feature a high-end car, such as a Rolls-Royce, as the getaway car because it matches the theme well. Country and rustic weddings have their couples ride off in a Jeep, a classic convertible, or a pickup truck. It’s an added touch to the wedding that shows that the wedding location played an important role in the planning of the event.

Stay You!

Your wedding is all about your union! Don’t sacrifice your unique personality completely to match an aesthetic if that’s not what your wedding is going to be. Many weddings are simple ceremonies that focus more on the celebration of a marriage among friends and family.

Therefore, the car choice can be as simple as the car you own now. Have wedding guests or members of your wedding party decorate the vehicle in ribbons, cans, and other items while writing “Just married!” on the windows. It’ll make your wedding that much more memorable.

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