Feeling the Pressure? Find Out What’s the Average Age of Marriage

Have you ever wonder what’s the Average Age of Marriage? Tick tock. Does it feel like everybody is getting married and you’re the one who’s left behind? Constantly hearing from your friends and family that you’re “next in line” or (gasp) the last one left. It seems like everyone is getting married but you.

Well, don’t worry. According to a study by The Knot00, the average age for marrying went up – again! Forget about having to tie the knot in your 20s – that’s so 2018. Apparently, in 2019 the average age for women to get married in the United States was 30 and for men, it was 34. That makes the overall average 32 years old. Heck, you’ve got lots of time.

Why the Average Age of Marriage is on the Rise?

So why are people waiting until they’re older to get married? If you’re someone who is feeling the pressure to get married, you can ask yourself why you’ve waited. Are you still looking for the right person? Putting your career first? Maybe you are waiting to have enough money to splurge and have a dream destination wedding.

A Better Sense of Self

Interestingly, one of the reasons people are delaying marriage is they’re developing a better sense of themselves before racing to the altar. The science is in and we’ve found that the brain isn’t fully mature until a person is about 25. WOW!

While 18 is still considered the legal age of majority, that puts a different spin on things doesn’t it. Why make permanent life decisions when you’re still developing and growing as a person. Embracing your youth and living your truest life means accepting that maybe you shouldn’t be making those decisions at such a young age. Obviously, this knowledge doesn’t change the state’s approach to legal ages to marry. But it might change your opinion or your parent’s opinion.

Longer Engagement Time

The Knot also found that couples were engaged for an average of 15 months before their weddings. This makes a lot of sense to us. We know that planning a wedding, booking a venue, hiring the caterer, getting flowers, and everything else that goes into a wedding takes time. In fact, the rule of thumb is to start planning a year out. If you’re having trouble planning and need help, connect with us and we can make the entire process easier.

Years ago, people got engaged and held the wedding within a few months. Now that there are extended engagements, it ends up pushing out the wedding date. This means you’re going to age a bit between your engagement and wedding, making you older on your wedding day. The good news – it gives you lots of time to have some excellent parties along the way!

The Average Age of Marriage & Financial Security

One of the big reasons that people want to wait until they’re a bit older, a bit more professionally established is that they’re more financially secure. Let’s face it, the cost of education has skyrocketed. If you and your honey both went to college, there’s a lot of debt there. Whether you’re paying off that debt alone or your parents are helping, it’s a lot.

Getting married before you’ve landed a professional job adds to your financial stress. So rather than being so stressed out that you can’t afford the wedding you want, many couples are waiting. And many couples are also footing the bill.

The Wedding Academy put out its 2020 report and 68% of couples are funding the majority of their wedding expenses themselves. If you’re going to pay for your wedding, you’re going to want some extra time to build your bank account.

So, the next time someone gives you a little grief about not being married, you don’t need to feel the pressure. You can get married in your own sweet time. It’s your life and you get to set your own timetable.

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