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Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows?  There are many different reasons for renewing your wedding vows. Maybe your first wedding didn’t go as you’d imagined. Maybe you’ve discovered you love your sweetie more deeply than ever and want to celebrate that. Perhaps, you’re looking for an excuse to have a destination wedding celebration.

Whatever the reason for renewing your vows, we’ve got some tips that will help you pull it off flawlessly. In fact, if you weren’t thinking of a vow renewal before, once you read this, you might be.

Tips to Successfully Renew Your Marriage Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is one of the most romantic things you can do. It reaffirms your dedication and devotion to each other. Use these vow renewal tips to have the second-best day of your life.

It’s Not a Second Wedding

A vow renewal is not a second wedding, nor should it be. Your wedding day was the beginning of a new life, your renewal day is a celebration of the life you have. There’s no pressure to follow all of the same traditions and to make such a big deal of it.

Instead, this is an opportunity to enjoy the day. No stress, no worries about the in-laws, no drama. Make this a day that truly celebrates the life you’ve created since your first vows.

Do I Have to Fill Out Paperwork?

There are no legal implications to a vow renewal, so no paperwork is required. Your original wedding vows are still in place and so is the original marriage.

This brings up another point, you don’t need an officiant to do the ceremony. If you want to have a friend or family member be your celebrant, you can. You can even do it yourselves, without anyone officiating.

Vow Renewal Etiquette

Unlike wedding etiquette, there really isn’t any vow renewal etiquette, for you or your guests. This means you don’t have to follow any prespecified routine. There’s no dress code. Meals are optional and no one has to bring a gift.

Are Gifts Required

We thought this was worth repeating. Creating a gift registry and asking people to give you gifts for getting married again is just tacky. That said, if you’re renewing your vows on a special anniversary, like your 25th or your 50th or something, then guests may want to bring gifts to celebrate your anniversary – but not the vow ceremony.

Are There Required Traditions

Nope. No required traditions, but today’s renewals are getting more and more lavish. Luckily, it’s in an in-between period where you can have the most basic ceremony with just your religious officiant and the two of you. Or you can go all out and throw that huge bash you never had the first time around.

What About Destination Vow Renewals?

We totally love this idea and we’re ready to help you plan A Destination Vow Vacation. What better way to celebrate your love than a great vacation with you friends and family. Connect with us and we’ll be happy to get that ball rolling for you. No matter where your heart wants to go – we’ll help you get there.

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