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Best States to Get Married in the U.S When You Are on a Budget

Did you ever wonder what are the best states to get married? The reality is that weddings in the United States are expensive. On average, in 2019, weddings cost $33,900, including the expenses. With the pandemic affecting the economy in 2020, many couples are looking to budget even further on their wedding day. Depending on which state you live in, your wedding could end up well under the national average in cost.

Are you eager to get married in a state where wedding costs are less expensive?  If so, you have come to the right place. Choosing the right location will allow you to spend more on the dress and any other details that entail a wedding.  Find here the best states to get hitched in the US when you’re on a budget.

Best States to Get Married on a Budget

In the last few years, states like Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Idaho, and Oklahoma have boasted cheap wedding expenses in their states overall. But, the least expensive state to hold your wedding in is Utah.

Utah’s average cost of weddings is $19,700, including $15,600 on the wedding venue and ceremony and $4,100 on the engagement ring. The other states listed above have similar costs, and all these states except Oklahoma have average wedding costs at under $20,000.

The top 5 states that have the most expensive weddings hosted are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut, with wedding costs over $40,000.

What Makes These States Less Expensive?

Geographic location in the United States shows that where you choose to hold your wedding makes a huge difference in the budget of your wedding. The less costly states have lower cost of living, which means it’s generally cheaper to live there. Wages are also lower, which drives costs down if you have more money to spend.

Inflation is important to keep note of when choosing the wedding location. During peak wedding season, states like New York boast expensive weddings because the services like wedding cakes and florists will increase their normal prices to meet the demand of wedding couples.

That, of course, is because couples want the luxurious weddings views of Long Island, Cape Cod, and other beaches and ocean views of the East Coast. The demand isn’t as high for weddings on the western side of the country, so costs can be less. It’s important to note that just because your wedding is in another state than you envisioned doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the wedding of your dreams.

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