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Creative Engagement Party Ideas That Will Amaze Your Guests

An engagement party is the best way to celebrate with your loved ones that you are getting married. Think about it! Your wedding is still ages away, but you just got engaged and want to celebrate. Like, now! How about throwing the best engagement party ever? Sounds like a great idea to us. There’s nothing better than a fantastic party filled with love.

Now, you’re no run-of-the-mill fiancé. You want things to be special…exciting. We totally get that. That’s why we’ve come up with some really cool ideas for engagement parties that will have your guests talking about the fun they had all the way to your wedding.

Engagement Party Ideas

The very best engagement parties have a theme and base everything around them. These are some of the theme ideas we think are real winners.

Pre-Destination Celebration

Are you planning on a destination wedding? Then having a taste of the tropics or whatever your destination may be is a must. Destination weddings are typically small and only a few people go, but everyone can make it to your engagement party. Give them a taste of your big day with food from the region. If you’re going to Hawaii, host a luau. If your wedding will be in Mexico, make sure to have authentic Mexican food from that region.

A Night of Romance As Your Engagement Party

Set up a projector to play classic romantic movies, pop some Sinatra music on, and plaster the venue with romantic decorations. Don’t forget to come up with some of the most romantic food items you can think of.

We also love the idea of having a suggestion bowl where guests can give you romantic ideas for your life together. Maybe they can share their favorite romantic moments or come up with some creative new ideas.

The Pre-Family Reunion

You’re all about to become family, why not throw a good, old-fashioned family reunion. Ask guests to bring their “famous” dish to pass. Create stations with classic outdoor games like 3-legged races, egg races, orange pass, a scavenger hunt, an others. Tell guests to come dressed casually and plan on having a day of backyard fun.

Happily Ever After Engagement Party!

When a lifetime of love is ahead of you, you have found the secret to happily ever after. That’s what makes this theme perfect for your engagement party. Create a fairytale world with Disney characters and other classic duos that lived happily ever after. If your guests are the fun sort, ask them to dress up as their favorite blissful couples. If not, that’s okay. You can still run wild with the theme. Just imagine the cake!

It’s Written in the Stars

Have a nighttime party with a stargazing theme. Of course, you need to have your names spelled out in fairy lights. Beyond that, you can hire some amateur astronomers to bring their telescopes and set them up to point out constellations, planets, and other night sky attractions. Create space-themed snacks, serve cocktails that are out of this world, and dance under the stars.

Now that your creatives juices are flowing – what’s next? Stick with us and we’ll get you through, from engagement to thank-you notes. Follow our blog and we’ll give you advice you need to make your wedding an instant classic.

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