Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Weddings

One trend we’re seeing is the destination wedding is getting a little competition from cruise weddings. Now, you know how much we love destination weddings, but we have to say that cruise weddings have won us over. Frankly, we love weddings at sea.

Imagine, your wedding aboard an extravagant cruise ship with tropical ports of call for little detours along the way. You can tie your wedding cruise into an extended vacation. And there’s no reason to skip the destination at all. It’s just like having your wedding cake and eating it, too!

Can You Get Married at Sea

Yes! It’s a wonderful idea and your backdrop is going to be gorgeous. But, if you’re a little worried about seasickness. You might not want to risk a wedding while riding the waves. Instead, you can have your wedding on the boat but while securely docked at port.

Many cruise ships have realized how fun cruise weddings can be and they’re set up to handle your requests – much like a destination wedding resort.

Do You Need to Be in International Waters?

So, have you heard that a sea captain can marry anyone in international waters? If so, then you probably heard it on television or a movie. International waters are not a vast expanse of shady weddings, rather you need to get a marriage license from the country in which the ship is registered.

Another thing – getting married by the captain is possible and you can arrange it but there are a lot of restrictions. It obviously depends on the cruise ship, but the majority of them need their captains to man the helm.

What If My Family/Friends Don’t Want to Go on a Cruise?

Here’s a great idea – prearrange to hold your wedding at your embarkation port a couple hours before the ship launches. If your cruise line is willing to work with you, your guests can come on for the wedding, disembark afterward and then the cruising guests get to come back on and take off on the honeymoon cruise with you.


How Much Does a Wedding on a Cruise Ship Cost?

You know the answer to this one – as much as you can afford, right? If you want to go overboard (ack! Don’t do that – sorry we couldn’t resist the pun) and have all the extravagances and extras, it’s going to be expensive.

If you want a more frugal wedding, you can do that, too. But if you’re looking for ballpark figures, plan on spending around $1,500 for the bare minimum wedding accommodations, on top of the price of your cruise tickets. That’s the basics and then everything else is in addition.

Is a Wedding at Sea Legal?

Okay, we know – before you get too excited, you need to know if your oceanic nuptials will be legal. You will first have to apply for a license, as you would with any marriage. Then, you may have some paperwork to fill out, depending on where you actually get married. After the ceremony, you’ll be issued a marriage certificate the needs to be filed for your marriage to be legal.

If this part still has you concerned – then connect with us and we’ll help you make your dream cruise wedding a reality. We’ve done this before, so we know how to navigate these waters (ugh we know – another bad pun). Puns aside, you can totally rely on us if you’re having a destination or cruise wedding and we’ll make sure the “I dos” are legal.

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