The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating the Perfect Fall Wedding

A fall wedding is a perfect season to get married because you get the ideal balance between the warm and cold weather of other seasons. Forget about the suffocating heat of summer and the tedious cold of winter, autumn offers the ideal colors, climates, and venues for a dream wedding. Besides, with the right planning and advice, you too can have the picturesque fall wedding of your dreams.

Want to have the best wedding during the fall time, topped with the changing leaves and ideal weather? Here are some tips for how to pull off the perfect fall wedding everyone will be celebrating for years to come.

A Fall Wedding Means Choosing Your Dates Carefully

Depending on where you live, the colors will change on the leaves quickly and don’t last long. For example, if you live in the Northeast part of the United States, peak fall colors appear in October. However, if you live in the Midwest, peak colors fall last from mid-October to early November.

Some parts of the world have gorgeous fall colors beginning in September, which is an optimal wedding month for warmer weather but topped with those fall vibes. Speaking of temperature…

Keep Your Guests Warm!

Many weddings in the fall take place in indoor venues like a church, a reception hall, or a country club. However, an outdoor wedding is not out of the picture! Make sure you have candles and heaters if you can. Cozy lighting and warm ambiances will have the wedding guests feeling like they’re in an autumn wonderland.

If your budget allows it, have blankets and capes for the guests while outside, maybe even inside during the reception. There are many ways to keep your guests warm during your wedding day! And bear in mind that no one will have fun at your wedding if they’re cold the entire night.

Add the Little Touches of Autumn To Your Wedding

Fall weddings have tons of options for themes that wouldn’t make sense during summer weddings. A perfect example is a Halloween-themed wedding. If you and your future spouse are a fan of the spooky season, decorate your reception like a haunted house in the spirit of the holiday. Some couples have doubled their wedding as a costume party for an extra memorable night!

If your wedding isn’t on or near Halloween, gorgeous fall decorations will spruce up your wedding reception. Pumpkins, leaves, cranberries, branches, colors of orange, yellow, red, brown, etc. The list is endless!

The touches don’t have to stop with the accessories. Your wedding menu can feature traditional fall dishes, like soups and turkey dinners, and autumn cocktails. All these thoughtful details will set your wedding apart from everyone else’s.

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