Let’s be honest! Planning your wedding registry can be tedious. In fact, some wedding planning is a drag, and you’ll find it can be frustrating, but what’s always fun is creating that wedding gift registry. Shouldn’t every gift-giving event have a registry? I mean, they’re just so handy and you know you’re going to get the things you want and need.

While a wedding registry is pretty straight forward, there are some tips that will help you create one that speaks to everyone. Remember, your guests have different wedding gift budgets. Some can’t spend much and others will go in together and splurge. The following tips will help you nail your wedding gift registry.

Wedding Gift Registry Tips

The first tip isn’t an official tip, but we think you’ll like the advice and it might make your registry better. Turn it into an event or a date night. You want to have fun with this because it’s a great part of wedding planning. Imagine your future with your honey and then the two of you can pick out stuff you see in your new life. Curl up with a glass of wine and your computer and shop away!

It Never Hurts to Be Early

Of course, you don’t want to race home after the proposal and start checking off gifts, but getting the registry completed early is a good idea. Some of your guests will be invited to engagement parties, a wedding shower (or more than one), bachelorette parties, etc. They’re going to need lots of ideas before the big day arrives.

Be Real

Once upon a time (not THAT long ago) all engaged couples picked out a china pattern for their formal dishes. Whether you wanted china or not, that was expected. Today’s wedding gifts tend to be more practical and that’s perfect! You want to pick out stuff you really want and stuff you’ll actually use.

Two of You

In most relationships, one person is more of a planner and one person is more of a shopper. It’s very possible (and probably likely) that that’s the same person. What does this mean? Typically, the gift registry skews to one individual and the other only gets a couple token gifts thrown their way. Make sure you’re considering both when you fill out your registry.

Online and In-Person

You can register for many places online, and that’s the chosen method of shopping for many people these days. But don’t forget about brick and mortar stores. There’s something about being in a store and actually looking at stuff – it adds to the experience.

Are There Perks?

Some stores offer you a discount, after the wedding, on the items that still are lingering on your registry. Sounds like these are the stores to shop in – if you ask us.

Remember the Budgets

Your guests have budgets, both big and small. Keep this in mind when you select wedding gifts for yourselves. Some guests might also want to create a gift basket filled with little things so scan in the small items, too.

Return to the List

Your wedding gift registry isn’t set in stone when you first complete it. In fact, you might want to add items regularly. Not only because you just thought of something you simply can’t live without. It’s nice to add a few items later for those last-minute gift shoppers.

Where to Shop

The most important question, where to register your gift selections. First of all, The Knot Wedding Registry helps you store all of your online registries in one place. It’s super convenient but it’s where you end up, not where you start.

Think about the stores you normally visit and begin there. Walmart, Target, and Costco wedding registries are common and popular. Of course, they’re not the only big box stores around. Pick stores you shop at and then ones your guests might shop at.

Don’t forget about the specialty stores. Pottery Barn’s wedding registry is a very popular stop as couples can picture their future holidays and entertaining guests. But there are a lot of other stores to choose from and you can also get very specific. Tailor some gifts to your hobbies and activities.


If you suddenly feel like your wedding shopping trip has been ruined by rules, shake that feeling loose. You’re still looking for things you need and want that will help enhance your new life together. There’re just a few courtesy things to consider.

Another thing you might want to consider – having a destination wedding. If you’re thinking about tying the knot in an exotic locale, check with us and we can help you nail down all the details and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

We want to know what you think. Sound off below!

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