Fall wedding dresses  can offer that dramatic and even fairy tale effect to your look. And although June brides tend to get all the attention, for those of you who don’t want to be sweaty in your wedding dress, an autumn wedding dress may be the ideal option. Thus, if you want to make the most of Mother Nature, then you know that an Autumn wedding is where it’s at.

It’s fall or nothing for you, the beautiful colors, the crisp air, the brilliance of a bright blue autumn sky. You’ve chosen your wedding season, now it’s time to choose your wedding dress. Capture the magic of the season with these trendy fall wedding dress ideas.

Wedding Dress Trends for Fall

Autumn wedding dresses are some of the best. They let you play with more fabric for warmth and added drama. Fall wedding dresses don’t have to be stark white, in fact, off-white or ivory is so much more elegant.

And having a wedding in the fall means mother nature plays along too with incredible explosions or color to match your wedding theme. Let’s take a look at some of the best fall wedding dress trends.

Best Fall Wedding Dresses for Your Silhouette

Matching your dress to your body is important, no matter what season it is. Your wedding dress silhouette should be your first dress guide. Always keep this in mind, your dress should flatter you first, then you can worry about the trends.

That said, this year’s dress is a little “more” than it’s been in the past. If it’s figure-hugging, then you might want to go full mermaid and hug all the way to the knee. If it’s full, then add another layer of tulle for good measure. If your dream wedding dress is a little skimpy, dare to show some leg and shoulder this year. It’s been a hard year for most people and a wedding is worthy of some serious celebration!

Wedding Dress Fabrics

This fall you’ll want to focus on lace, lots and lots of luscious and luxe lace. This is a year where you can go head-to-toe in lace and not feel like you’re overdoing it. If that’s not your style, that’s okay because just the right amount of lace in the right spots is also on trend.

In addition to lace, you’ll see a lot of sheer fabrics in wedding dresses this year. Look for sheer sleeves or back pieces that expose a little more skin – but not really. We also think part of the sheer fabric trend is related to veils. But that’s a topic on its own.

The Wedding Veil Cape

We’ve seen a lot less veils in the last few years, so much so, it was safe to say that staple was on the way out. Honestly, the introduction of the bridal cape veil is one of the greatest new trends and we are all about the drama. Heck, why wear a veil when you can have a stunning cape that has even more drama and a Superhero Bride feel. Try one on – you’ll see why they’re a must.

Trendiest Fall Wedding Dresses Colors

While it’s not necessarily your wedding dress, one of the first things you’ll pick is your wedding color palette. An autumn wedding gives you such rich hues to work with – it’s a luxe dream. Your best inspiration will come from simply looking around but, of course, there are a few highlights this season.

An everything rosy wedding is an easy choice with an antique, almost sepia, feel. It’s elegant and skews toward trendy dusty rose, muted greys, and pops of orange or burgundy. These wedding colors go great with fall rusts and can be played up or down, depending on your wedding day vibe.

You Can Also Add to Your Fall Palette These Tones

Royal and jewel tones are a huge trend this year and, while they go well with any season, it seems like some of them were just made for fall. We’re talking about the deep purple shades, think amethyst for a true purple, or a twist on sapphire or ruby for accents to your purples. It’s regal and creates a dramatic impression against a rich October blue sky or the azure ocean of a destination wedding.

One thing to note if you’re having a 2020 wedding, or even if you’re planning one for the future, things have changed. Covid-19 has changed our world. We don’t know how long things will be different, but they are. Now, we all have to learn how to navigate through bridal appointments safely and with concern for others. It’s best to learn the rules of your area and to check with the facility when you make your appointment to see if they have special restrictions.

Having a destination wedding? If you are then you have a few extra considerations, like how to travel with your dress and what to do with it after the wedding. Connect with us and we can make sure you and your dress arrive safely at your destination wedding. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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