The Ultimate Wedding To-Do List That Every Bride Needs

A wedding to-do list is the best way to keep track of all the things you need to have ready for the wedding. Usually, for many brides, the week of the wedding can be the most stressful. After all, the big day will be around the corner.

But according to experts, the best way to stay calm and not forget anything is to make a to-do list. In this way, you can cross out all the things that are ready.

That’s why today we will share with you the ultimate to-do list that will help you survive the week of your wedding. Get rid of stress and keep everything on track without losing your mind.

Stay in Touch With Your Vendors

Maintaining contact with your vendors should be on your top priorities. Call them and make sure all changes have been made and everything is in order.

Some details to bear in mind:

  • Over Communicate with your vendors. Including caterer service, band, and photographers, among others.
  • Have a list of vendors’ requests that you can give to the manager where the wedding will behold. 
  • Create a schedule of vendor delivery time for the ceremony and reception managers.
  • Don’t forget to call the rental company and check the pickup times.

Pack Everything You Need in Advance

It is important to pack all the things you need for your wedding day. But above all things do not focus only on the accessories of your outfit. Remember to pack cash, your credit cards, and even an emergency kit for the bride.

Keep in mind, that if after the wedding you are hitting the airport, it’s necessary to pack your passport and have your suitcases ready.

Create a Wedding To-Do List Point People

Why? On your wedding day, there will be too many things happening at the same time. And unfortunately, there is still no option to clone yourself!

Thus, the best way not to go crazy on your wedding day is to delegate. Likewise, choose point people in case of any emergency and notify the managers of each important spot who will be in charge.

Usually, the best people to be in charge in case of any emergency will be your wedding planner, maid of honor, and bridesmaid. Finally, provide to all your team with an emergency phone number.

Don’t Forget on Your Wedding To-Do List Your Beauty Appointments

It may seem very obvious. But many times brides tend to forget to schedule their beauty appointments such as makeup and hairstyles in advance. 

Leave any minor changes like a mani-pedi, waxing, facials, and blowout for the week of your wedding. Yet, if you want to try some drastic or invasive change such as facial peels, lasering, or dying your hair, you should do it a few months in advance. Keep in mind that if you’re not satisfying you can make changes with plenty of time. 

Finally, don’t forget about the groom! Yes! when it comes to beauty appointments all the attention tends to focus on the bride, but the groom will also need his hair trimmed and his face is shaved.

Align Help for Any Guests Who May Need It

Your wedding is an especial time that you want to share with your loved ones, so, make sure they can enjoy that day as well. That’s why you should take into consideration ill or elderly guests and their needs.

A good way to show your love is to get proper transportation from the airport and your wedding events. Also, be sure to offer pick-ups and drop-offs for them.

This is something you can work out with your wedding planner! Remember! The good thing about hiring an expert to help you plan your wedding is that they make your life easier. They have all the knowledge and know all the tricks. This means that they can make your dream wedding come true with the least possible stress. Enjoy now a free consultation with our experts and get the wedding of your dreams.

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