Did COVID-19 cancel your bachelorette party plans? Or maybe your wedding is approaching and COVID-19 is still happening. Sadly, the pandemic is a reality we have to deal with for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an amazing bachelorette ceremony!

The impact of the pandemic has introduced virtual meetups and socially distanced gatherings as a new normal in socializing. With every new situation breeds creative solutions, so here’s how to throw the perfect bachelorette party in COVID-19 times.

Number of People

If you opt for an in-person bachelorette party, keep the group size small. Many parties tend to have at least a dozen girls in for a wild time. But during the pandemic, it’s best to keep the gathering to your bridal party, closest friends, and family, which should come out to 8-10 people. Host your party in an outdoor setting or rent a fully sanitized space that belongs to you and your party.

For the girls that can’t come due to travel restrictions, include them in the party. Services like Skype and Zoom allows large groups to video chat and work on most internet servers. Just make sure to keep everyone in the loop about scheduling.

Get Creative with Activities

Bar-hopping is considered one of the worst activities to do during a pandemic. To avoid getting sick, you can purchase the alcohol ahead of time and save money.

As for activities, there are endless possibilities for you and your girls. Karaoke nights, board games, making crafts for the wedding, good old-fashioned gossip and sharing memories — this list could go on.

A simple drive-by on the bride’s street will be more memorable than you think. Throwing a surprise as she wakes up in the morning will make the bride smile! Bring treats from her favorite bakery, have signs and balloons, and make the moment all about her.

Consider a Post-Wedding Bachelorette Party

Nothing says the bride has to stop playing as the bride for a little party after her wedding! With unpredictable cancellations, it’s much easier to reschedule a bachelorette party than a wedding. This suggestion is for those who are set on heading to Vegas with the full bride tribe in hand.

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