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3 Best Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas for Your Gals

Bridesmaid proposals are as important as your engagement proposal nowadays! After all, no wedding is complete without your best friends by your side. Chances are your pals have been by your side just as long as your future husband or wife, maybe even longer! Proposing to your best gal pals to be bridesmaids is a special part of the wedding process, and you can create a special moment for them that they’ll cherish forever.

Stuck on how to impress your bridesmaids with the proposal that won’t break your wedding budget? Get creative with these great proposal ideas for your girls.

Invite Your Bridesmaids to Brunch And Ask All At Once

If you and your future bridesmaids are all best friends that get together regularly for brunch, then this idea is perfect! Even if your party doesn’t mingle with each other often, a brunch date with the girls is the perfect chance to treat them to a nice meal and give them the proposal with cute accessories.

Bring your invitations to the brunch in one big gift bag and pass them to each of the bridesmaids before or after you order. To match the brunch bottomless mimosas you’ll all be ordering, put together a little bottle of champagne, a champagne float, and a cute card that pops the question.

The gifts can vary! Instead of champagne, you can use wine or apple cider for the girl that doesn’t drink. Tasty snack boxes like chocolate or cookies work as well!

Put Together a Box of Wedding Items for a Customized Bridesmaid Proposal

Feeling efficient? Arrange pre-wedding boxes for your bridesmaids! Imagine the morning before: you and your bridesmaids are getting ready for the big day. You put in a bottle of nail polish for the girls to wear and apply the morning before. Satin robes? Totally necessary! Custom shot glasses? Definitely!

There are endless ideas for little gifts and trinkets to put into these boxes, as long as they’re appropriate for the wedding festivities.

Send Good Old Fashioned Letters In The Mail

Your postal service can always use the business, and your bridesmaids will love the unexpected surprise! Write a letter to your bridesmaid about what makes her special to you, how she’s been there for you, and why you want her to be a part of your big day!

You can also send custom bridesmaid cards in the mail to your girls that’ll make them laugh. Include a gift inside like a necklace or a bracelet to commemorate the occasion.

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