Have you ever wonder what are actually the best times to celebrate your wedding? We have all the answers for you.

So much wedding planning to do and one of the most essential pieces can also be one of the hardest to figure out – What is the best time for a wedding? You’ve got the date, but you don’t know what time you’ll say, “I do”.

There are some pluses and minuses to having a morning wedding, an afternoon wedding, an evening wedding, and an all-day affair. Let’s look at them to see what appeals to you. Then, we’ll look at some other factors that can affect your wedding time.

One of the Best Times is Having a Wedding in the Morning

Not many people have morning weddings, simply because that doesn’t give you a lot of time to get ready. That’s definitely a minus, but there can be a lot of pluses. As people are opting for less traditional weddings, the morning opens up the entire day for celebrations.

It can be the best time for a beach wedding because it’s often cooler in the morning. Having a brunch reception is also a fun idea, and there are so many yummy foods for your menu.

The Most Popular Option is Having a Wedding in the Afternoon

This is the gold standard for weddings, at least it traditionally was, which means if you’re having a traditional wedding – people are going to expect it to be in the midday. Afternoon weddings are great because they give you enough time to get ready and then enough time to socialize and celebrate with your guests.

It even gives you some special private time. The downside is that it ends up being an incredibly long day – for everyone. It can also get expensive to entertain people from midday through dinner and the evening hours.

But One of the Best Times to Celebrate Your Wedding is During the Evening

A lovely late wedding with a formal dinner, or skip the dinner and go right into the party. An evening wedding gives you that flexibility. Another benefit, if you time it right, you can do your photos first during that magical golden hour and make the most of mother nature.

The problem with an evening wedding is that it tends to get a little late and you can be worn out from all the preparations by the time the I do’s are done.

Having an All-Day Wedding

Why pick a time when the whole day can be yours? To some, this sounds absolutely perfect with mimosas and mani/pedis in the morning, the ceremony after a family brunch, an early dinner, and then dance the night away with all of your guests and a DJ.

To other people, just reading that was exhausting. You know who you are and if an all-day wedding is for you or not. Just remember, it’s going to be a daylong celebration centered on you and that’s absolutely fabulous, but you’ll have to be at your best the entire day. It’s also likely to be a very expensive endeavor.

Other Wedding Time Considerations

In a perfect world, you get to plan your wedding and you get every detail you want. In the real world, that might not happen. In fact, you can probably count on compromising, at least, in a few areas. Your wedding time might be one of those compromises.

Some things to consider when selecting a time is how much time you’ll need to get ready and get everyone to the venue. Speaking of the venue, its availability will definitely be a factor. You’ll also have to check with your officiant to see what time they’re available. 

Weather can play a role in when your nuptials occur, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. And kids can play into the picture. If you have them or you’re having children in your wedding, you want to make sure you’re not pushing naptimes so they’re a cranky mess when it’s their turn to shine.

Hope this helps you nail down the best time for your wedding. Creating a list of your own pluses and minuses can also be a big help. If you’re looking for more wedding ideas and inspiration, check out our blog on a regular basis. If you’re ready to skip the wedding and go right to the honeymoon, we’ve got tips for you there, too!

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