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Fragrant Flowers You Should Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Fragrant flowers are a spectacular detail at any event or venue. And of course, flowers play a pivotal role in most weddings, adding elegance and grace, a touch of Mother Nature’s finest. You’ll see them draped over chairs and pews, adorning the tables and altar, perched on the groom and groomsmen’s lapels, on the parents of the bride and groom.

Flower petals are scattered along the aisle as the flower girl sprinkles them for the bridesmaids to walk on, they too are clutching bouquets of flowers. And then, there’s the showstopper bouquet – cradled in the bride’s arms, a bunch of the prettiest flowers you’ve ever seen.

Now imagine that scene with flowers that cause allergies. Eyes are watering, everyone is sneezing, tissues flutter as people sniffle and cough. A well-planned and stunning wedding becomes breathtaking for an entirely different reason when your fragrant flowers become allergy nightmares.

Fragrant Wedding Flowers to Avoid

Unfortunately, while Mother Nature gives us the most beautiful things, she sometimes also laces them with allergens that are intolerable for many. Fragrant flowers can be real triggers for allergies, and although you may love the way they look and smell, the following flowers should be avoided at your wedding.

Wedding Flowers to Embrace

Ready for the good news. There are still a lot of gorgeous flowers you can add to your wedding décor that won’t leave people feeling weepy and sneezy. Try these for maximum impact:

Tips for Picking Wedding Flowers

A note to the wise, before going to your florist, check with your wedding party to see if anyone has specific flower allergies. This will help you and the florist come up with gorgeous arrangements that won’t leave everyone weepy eyed for all the wrong reasons. No one wants a sneezing maid of honor blasting them with a shower through the ceremony.

If you’re interested in learning more about wedding planning, check out our blog regularly and learn what the experts have to say.

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