Wedding guest bags have become a pretty big deal lately. Everyone tries to outdo the last wedding they attended and come up with the ultimate wedding guest gift.

We know how stressful it can be. You want a great gift bag; you love your guests more than anything but how do you find the time to pull together an awesome wedding favor? Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? At Bella Honeymoons, we have all the best ideas to help make your wedding planning easier.

Trendy Gift Bag Ideas Right Now!

No matter where your wedding is, how many guests are coming, your theme – we’ve got you covered with 10 of the coolest wedding favor ideas around.

  • Bag ‘o Fun. Do you have a super-silly side and your friends know it? Add fun to your day with Groucho Marx glasses, hand buzzers, whoopie cushions, and any other gag gifts that strike your fancy.
  • Personalized Bags. Maybe what you put in the bag isn’t as important as the bag itself. Consider having reusable canvas bags printed with custom messages from your wedding day.
  • Individual Gifts. If you’re having a very small wedding, then think about getting each person something that speaks directly to them. We love the idea of adding a small framed picture of you with that person from fun or important moment in your lives.
  • High-End Grooming Samples. Who doesn’t like a little lotion or a fragrant soap? Collect some great travel-sized treats your guests will go crazy over.
  • Hand Sanitizers and Masks. Keep it sanitary and relevant, you can also get each of those personalized to mark the occasion.

More Unique Wedding Bags Ideas

But if you and your future husband are the types of people who love to color off the line. You are going to love the following ideas:

  • Signature Spirits. Find a company that makes personalized bottles of wine or spirits for your wedding and the guests.
  • Share a Family Favorite. Make your signature cookies or secret family recipe and share the goodies with your guests. If you’re willing – share the recipe, too.
  • Tea Towels. Isn’t this a fun idea that no one thinks of any more? We love the idea of custom-made tea towels for each guest. It’s a gift that will get used for years.
  • Engraved Cocktail Shakers. Stir up some excitement, or shake it, as the case may be, with some engraved mementos that your guests will keep and use. For fun – tuck in a notecard with your favorite drink recipe.
  • Mule Mugs. The Moscow Mule and all of its modern contemporary offshoots is a huge trend now and your guests will love having their own memento mug from your wedding. Don’t forget to make sure your bartenders know how to make some non-alcoholic mules, too.

Destination Wedding Gift Bags, Too!

Why focus on local weddings when destination weddings are so fun. One of the best parts of having a wedding in an exotic locale is sharing some of the fun with your wedding party.

  • Local Flavor Basket. Have a gift basket in each guest’s room filled with little edibles and potables from the region.
  • A Sun Survival Kit. Sunscreen, beach towels, a wedding-themed straw and glass, and a romance novel to round out a day at the beach.
  • City Guides Plus a Bonus. Give your guests city guides so they can plan fun activities. Add a surprise with one activity for everyone – maybe a day charter fishing or zipping around on a rental scooter. Speaking of zipping – zipline anyone?
  • Flip Flops and a Cover-up. For the beach, the pool, or the hotel room – this is a gift that is instantly an Insta-worthy group photo.
  • Comfort Food from Home. Let’s face it, sometimes foreign cuisine can give your stomach a little workout. Give your guests a taste of home by creating gift bags full of their favorite comforting snacks.

Did you find a winner in our wedding guest gift ideas? Maybe one of them inspired you to come up with your own creative ideas – we simply love it when that happens! Connect with us if you’re planning on having a destination wedding and we’ll help you make sure those guest gifts arrive safely.

We want to know what you think. Sound off below!

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