2020 has changed the rules of the game affecting even the way we go through bridal appointments. For many brides, the most exciting part of the wedding planning journey is choosing the perfect wedding dress during the bridal appointment. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced engaged couples to postpone weddings and drastically impacted the wedding industry overall. However, weddings are still happening in this crazy time and some bridal retailers remain open to supplying the perfect dress for brides.

If you’re a bride desperate to find the dress of your dreams, then there are a few things you should know on how to navigate your bridal appointment in the world of COVID-19.

Wear Your Mask During Bridal Appointments!

The United States still has lots of COVID-19 cases, and the CDC highly recommends wearing a mask. Many bridal retailers will require patrons to wear a mask at all times during the entire appointment to decrease the chances of you and your retailer getting sick. Some places will have hand sanitizers for you to use, but make sure to bring your own. Social distancing is important too!

Some bridal boutiques will check your temperature before you enter. If they see you have a high fever, they will suggest you go home and reschedule your appointment. Remember, if you feel sick at all, don’t go outside.

Check To See Who You Can Bring To Your Appointment

The biggest impact COVID-19 has had on weddings is the size of the wedding ceremony. For safety reasons and to keep the group numbers low, many bridal retailers have been forced to limit the number of guests a bride can bring to her appointment to one or two people.

That’s not a bad thing, though. Inviting your two closest people in your life can make choosing the dress even more special. Having a more intimate group to confide in the wedding dress process may take some pressure off brides to hear multiple opinions. Picking a couple guests that know your style the best will encourage you to relax.

Don’t Get Upset If You Can’t Touch the Dresses

You know…because Coronavirus.

Bridal boutiques will sanitize their store and make sure it’s the safest place to wander for beautiful dresses. As the bride, you wouldn’t want your perfect dress to make you sick.

If you do find THAT dress, the retailer will select it, have you try it on, and then set the dress aside for 24 hours away from other future brides until it’s fully sanitized.

Afraid you don’t know what wedding dress shape you will fit in the best? Keep in mind which silhouette fits your body type the best, and then look for those kinds of dresses. Come prepared!

Book Bridal Appointments Ahead of Time

Some bridal shops allow walk-in appointments, but the majority will require the bride to book an appointment ahead of time. Not only will this allow the business to be ready for you while following COVID-19 protocols, it gives you more organization in your wedding planning schedule.

Although the world is different, your bridal appointments should remain the most exciting part of the process.

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