Christian Brides celebrate many beautiful traditions at their wedding! After all, the institution of marriage is, in the Western world, a religious practice that is sacred in the Christian religion. Different religions have different ceremony traditions, but since Christianity is the most popular religion globally, many couples follow Christian wedding traditions.

Whether a bride identifies as a Christian or not, the wedding ceremony that many of us are familiar with has Christian roots. Several weddings have adopted a few of these traditions listed in this article, but to pull off the proper Christian wedding, here are the wedding ceremony traditions all Christian brides must know.

Proper Wedding Attire for Christian Brides

The bride dons a white wedding dress, which we normally associate with weddings anyway. In Christianity, white is a symbolic color of purity and represents the pure heart of the bride. A veil is crucial in this ceremony too, as it also connects to purity and modesty. The veil on the bride is to be lifted. This act means that the bride and groom have saved themselves for marriage, and the modesty has reached its purpose.

The Wedding Is Like a Church Service

A distinct part of a Christian wedding ceremony is the singing choir and the homily. While these factors depend on the denomination, a choir sets the tone by bringing joy to the ceremony. Wedding attendants can sing along just like in church.

The homily is performed by the officiant, typically a priest or pastor. It’s a formal service that centers around passages from the Bible as they relate to the sanctity of marriage or the couple.

Giving Away the Bride

After the groom has walked down the aisle, waiting for his bride, the father of the bride will take his daughter and walk with her down the aisle. This act is easily the most common practice from Christian tradition in weddings, as the father giving away the daughter represents a new chapter in the bride’s life: her husband will take care of her now.

The Wedding Rings

In any Christian wedding, the wedding bands are passed around, and then exchanged from bride to groom, and vice versa. This symbolic act represents the blessing of the rings, therefore the blessing of the couple. The bands themselves symbolize the unbreakable bond between husband and wife, to love and cherish for the rest of their lives. Their vows are physicalized in their rings.

Other Little Traditions for Christian Brides

Like the rings, a braided rope at a Christian wedding ceremony represents the indestructible bond between husband and wife. The couple will braid three pieces of rope together until it becomes one item, like becoming one in a marriage. Another act is the uniting of candles. The Unity Candle symbolizes Christ as the light of the world, and lighting the candles affirms keeping faith in Christ at the center of the marriage.

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