Wedding flowers are downright overwhelming. There’s no way around it. Whether you have the greenest thumb around or you don’t know a dahlia from a daisy, there are too many choices when it comes to wedding flowers.

So, how do you navigate the floral side of your wedding? Follow our handy tips and you’ll feel much more confident about your wedding day flowers.


Before You Pick Your Wedding Flowers

One of the best tips you’ll get regarding the flowers you choose for your wedding is to find a florist you trust and let them handle most of it. Other than that, there are a lot of other ways you can prepare in advance.

  • Research florists. Don’t pick one until you’ve researched several. Make sure to look at reviews online and ask your friends who they used.
  • Check for allergies. Ask your wedding party if anyone has an allergy that needs to be considered. Too many times people forget about this and someone is left scratching and sneezing.
  • Pick your color scheme. Know what colors your bridesmaids’ dresses are and what accents you’ll be using.
  • Pick your wedding style. What is your wedding style? Once you know what style you want, you can narrow down the flower choices.
  • Create a budget. Set a budget and then stick to it as closely as possible.
  • Nail down the specifics. Be as clear as possible when talking to your florist about what they’ll do and what is your responsibility. You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day.
  • Consider double-duty arrangements. Ask if a church or aisle flowers can be moved to your reception area. This way you spend less and get to enjoy your flowers more.

How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers

Remember that your florist is going to be a huge help here, they can guide you in the right direction, but these tips will help.

  • Bring inspiration photos. If you really like something you’ve seen, bring along pictures so you can adequately explain yourself.
  • Ask about lookalikes. If you love a certain flower but it’s too expensive, there are often similar looking flowers that cost less.
  • Consider function. What are the flowers for? Centerpieces, flower girls, or boutonnieres, etc. This will help you envision how they will look at your wedding.
  • Stick to your colors and style. Don’t get distracted by all the beautiful blooms. Stick to the wedding theme colors and your wedding style so everything matches.
  • What’s in season. Most flowers have a season where they grow, which makes them plentiful and, typically, less expensive during that time. While you can get just about any flower at any time, you’re going to be paying a lot more when they’re out of season.

Wedding Day Floral Tips

It’s the big day and the last thing you want to do is worry about flowers or fuss over floral mistakes. These tips will keep your day on track.

  • Organize the timing. Make sure your flowers arrive right before the photographer, so you have them for pictures.
  • Get help. Whether your florist is going to be arranging displays or you’re responsible for it, it helps to have people on standby to make sure everything gets done on time. You also want to double check to make sure everything has arrived according to your orders.
  • Get that DIY Done! If DIY flowers are a part of your wedding, make sure they’re done in ample time. This is one of the biggest time mismanagement projects at weddings.
  • Hydration and coolers. Try to keep your flowers hydrated as much as possible to keep them looking fresh. Boutonnieres and corsages should stay in their containers in a refrigerator or a cooler until it’s time to put them on.


Wedding Flowers After the I Do’s

Your wedding is over, the meal is done, yet you have some beautiful floral arrangements that have days of beauty left in them. What do you do?

  • Parting gifts. Send centerpieces home with friends and family so they can enjoy them.
  • Take them to a retirement community. Check before you go, but many elderly-living facilities love accepting wedding flowers for their residents.
  • Save for gift opening. Are you hosting a gift opening the following morning? If you are, then your flowers can be reused there.
  • Press, dry, or preserve. There are professionals who preserve flowers so you can keep your bouquet forever. You can also try pressing and drying them on your own.

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