Glamping a new way to camp! Picture this: you’re getting married to your forever adventure partner, the wedding is picturesque with nature backdrops and gorgeous trees, and you want the honeymoon of a lifetime. A two-week trip to Cancun? Too basic! Flying on a plane? No thanks! Going on a camping expedition? That sounds more up your alley.

Glamping honeymoons are becoming a popular option that’s an alternative to a traditional honeymoon. Newlyweds can enjoy the comforts of sleeping on a cozy bed but blended with the romance of sleeping under the stars. Here are why glamping honeymoons are the best options for adventurous married couples.

Why Go Glamping On Your Honeymoon?

There are tons of possibilities for glamping. It’s not restricted to living in an RV for a week; many resorts host cabins, tents, treehouses, teepees, even sleeping in an igloo! For example, traditional campers can choose to fly to Campamonte, a glamping resort in Nayarit, Mexico, close to Puerto Vallarta. With tents, hiking trails, and the beach a mile away, couples can get an authentic glamping experience at $30/night, saving money and making unforgettable memories.

Glamping Expenses

The cost of glamping can fit any newlyweds’ budget! Resorts like Campamonte are affordable for the more frugal couple, but for frivolous married couples, you can opt for the 5-star luxury honeymoon of your dreams.  Serenity Luxury Tented Camp in Quintana Roo goes for $208/night but offers the usual perks of a fancy hotel in a camping setting, situated right near Playa del Carmen, one of the best beaches in Mexico. 

Glamping is a Stylish Way to Camp

As if this experience couldn’t be more unique, couples can honeymoon in a stylish silver van from Glamping Ruta de Arte y Vino in Valle de Guadalupe. Starting at $45/night, newlyweds camp in a vintage RV with a double bed, kitchenette, and specially curated decorations. Outside of the van are the toilet, shower, dining room, and lounge area to hang out with other couples.

This resort offers special events like movie nights under the stars, vineyard and winery tours, and other activities that showcase Valle de Guadalupe. Newlyweds gain a cultural understanding of the area they’re vacationing in while camping.

It’s the Next Big Adventure in Honeymoons

If the traditional honeymoon doesn’t sound like fun, glamping is the option for the adventurous souls. It’s feasible and affordable, it opens up possibilities of understanding a new culture and appreciation of nature, and it’s a honeymoon you and your forever partner will never forget! 

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