A Step by Step Guide to Planning a Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Struggling to put together the perfect rehearsal dinner? Many brides stress over the rehearsal dinner because it’s one of the last major events before the big wedding day! The rehearsal dinner is the smaller gathering to celebrate your future marriage and it’s the true joining of two families together, traditionally thrown by the groom’s parents. 

That doesn’t mean the bride can’t have any input in how the rehearsal goes! Here are a few helpful tips for brides to pull off the rehearsal dinner that’ll impress everyone.

Take Care of the Budget for the Rehearsal Dinner

Like everything else with the wedding, the rehearsal dinner can get expensive if you don’t watch your finances carefully. Many factors will go into this portion of the budget, such as party size, the place the dinner is being held, the food, invitations, gifts at the end, and drinks, of course! Nothing can work until the budget is secured, and make the most of what you have.

Set the Guest List

Now is not the time to invite your sorority sisters from 10 years ago that you haven’t spoken to since college. These events are usually reserved for immediate families and members of the wedding party (maids of honor, bridesmaids, best men, groomsmen, etc.). It’s up to the couple to invite close friends and extraneous family, but remember, this is a small gathering!

If you intend on going to a restaurant, you need to take into consideration that many locations will limit the party size. Keep in mind who are the most special people in your life and who can make it to your rehearsal dinner, depending on where they live.

Book the Rehearsal Dinner Location in Advance

No procrastinating here! Reserve the location at least a month in advance. The location is up to you; places range from a fancy restaurant, a rooftop bar, or someone’s backyard! The point is that you aren’t the only wedding party to put together an event. If there’s a location you love that you know is always booked, get on that right away!

Curate a Menu Special to Your Wedding Theme

This is optional, but putting together a simple menu for your rehearsal dinner guests that match the theme of your wedding provides a sneak peek into your special day! It’s important to keep in mind the food allergies and dietary choices of your guests.

Always have at least one vegetarian option, and make sure you have alternatives for gluten-free, nut allergies, etc.! While you may love meat, you want your guests to feel welcome and thought of also.

Let Everyone Give a Toast to the Couple

It’s a guarantee that everyone at the rehearsal dinner will have something special to say about you. It’s a relaxing party, so open the floor for speeches and funny stories! 

Finally…..relax! It’s the prelude to your big day, so enjoy the most of it. 

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