Best Practical and Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples in 2020

Wedding gifts sometimes can be a headache! Finding the perfect practical or unique wedding gift can be a struggle, especially in 2020. Things have turned upside down and everybody needs a little more sunshine and happiness in their lives.

People are staying home, wedding invite lists have shrunken, celebrations with friends and family mean even more. If you think about it, you’re actually quite lucky to be included in someone’s special day in 2020 – which is why your gift means even more.

If you’re bold enough, brave enough to go out on your own, skip the guest registry and come up with a wonderfully creative gift that the couple doesn’t expect. They’ll be even more delighted by the surprise. We’ve got some ideas to help you find practical wedding gifts, unique wedding gifts, and there might even be a few that are both!

Wedding Gifts in 2020

Stumped for a wedding gift in 2020, these extra special gift ideas should give you a nice place to start or even help you check off your list entirely.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

These Dutch ovens are a little pricey, but they’re top of the line and oh-so gorgeous. But your gift doesn’t end there. This is a new couple, they need things! Fill the generous pot with little cooking odds and ends and don’t forget to add some recipes that they can whip up in their new Dutch oven.

Date Night In Cookbook

If you don’t have the recipes to share, try this cookbook. 2020 really threw restaurant goers for a loop, suddenly eating at home is a daily activity and it can get boring. But if you turn it into a date night and try some fresh, new recipes – the magic is back! Add to their gift with some little extras that you’d want on a date night; candles, linen napkins and a tablecloth, a set of Dublin Tasters for desserts – you get the idea.


The game that’s sweeping the country – really, it is! – pickleball. Trips to the gym are no longer what they were before 2020, but people still want to be active and play sports. Pickleball is the perfect option for a couple or two couples to get out and be active and play a fun and mildly competitive sport.

Destination Wedding Gifts

If you’re invited to a destination beach wedding, then you just have to dive into the moment and come up with totally beachy fun ideas. We have a few of them that you can pull together into one big package or pick and choose.

What can we say? We simply love the idea of practical and unique wedding gifts! Try to come up with a great idea that no one else has thought of but everyone needs, and you can cross the practical and unique off your list. Take it a step further and customize your gift to reflect the times, the couple’s personalities, or their fantastic wedding. This is the year to really let your gift-giving abilities shine!

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