How to Deal with Anxiety When You Are Planning a Destination Wedding

Anxiety, something no bride seems to escape in the process of planning her dream wedding. No matter how big or small your wedding is. Whether you’re involved in doing everything or blissfully removed from the planning, there is going to be anxiety. The much talked about cold feet before a wedding is a real thing and you can expect to feel it to some degree. The good news is there are ways to manage wedding anxiety, even when you’re planning a destination wedding.

Acknowledge the Anxiety

Before we dive deep into tips on managing wedding anxiety, we first have to talk about the elephant in the room, the fact that it exists in the first place. Feeling anxiety for some is a natural state of being. Indeed, people with routine acknowledged stress typically have a game plan for how to proceed with less anxiety.

It’s those people who don’t accept that stress and anxiety are part of the process who might have the biggest problems handling it when it crops up. Getting cold feet does not mean that you’re not supposed to be married or that your partner is wrong for you.  It means you’re human and this huge change in your life is a little scary because it’s unknown.  Even if this isn’t your first wedding, you still don’t know exactly what the future holds.

There’s also some performance anxiety that can happen at a wedding. After all, you are standing in front of people, you have lines to say, you want to look your best. So, any anxiety you feel is totally normal and you should expect to feel some.

How to Manage Wedding Anxiety

Now that we acknowledge that anxiety will happen, the following tips can help you calm your wedding nerves and try to relax and enjoy the day


Let People Help You to Reduce Your Levels of Anxiety

Destination weddings come with a lot of details that need to be ironed out, important details. You can’t be expected to know everything about the place you’re traveling to.  There are rules and amenities, and people who can take care of all those details for you. In the meantime, you can focus on finding the perfect wedding dress, narrow down your invitation list, pick out gifts for your attendants, etc.

So, yeah! Planning a wedding is just too much work, which is why having a wedding planner is a fantastic idea, letting friends and family help if they offer is wonderful, and connecting with us at Bella Honeymoons can help you have that destination wedding of your dreams.

Create Checklists for EVERYTHING

It’s not just you that loves crossing off a task when you’re done, your brain loves it, too. Psychologists have studied checklists and found that they dampen anxiety, give you structure, and create a plan you can stick to. For all those reasons and more, your wedding checklist might just be your best friend.

Have a Backup Plan

Don’t just expect things to go smoothly, have a backup plan in place and then, if plan B also goes awry, you might want to have a plan C in place. The thing is, knowing you have options makes it easier to handle something when it doesn’t go as planned, but it’s more than that.

Just making these contingency wedding plans lets you know you are capable of adapting and rolling with the punches. It reinforces your ability to face problems and overcome them.

Take a Break

It can’t be all wedding all the time, it really can’t. You might feel that that’s what needs to happen to get things right or you could want a break, but things just keep cropping up for you. These are the times when you need a break the most. You’re not going to break the world if you take an hour off to go for a run or read a book or get a massage. Your brain and your body need breaks from wedding stress.


Look at Your Anxiety

The next time you’re feeling anxiety, really look at it and try to figure out why. Is it because you don’t have enough time? Do you feel you’re doing too much? Are you worried about your wedding dance? No matter what it is that’s really at the core of your stress, figure out what it is and then create a plan of attack to reduce your anxiety around that particular item.

These tips should give you some techniques for managing wedding stress and maybe they’ll prompt your own, customized ways to deal with all of the anxiety that surrounds your special day. Then, you can be a bigger part of your moment and enjoy this day you’ve dreamed of for so long.

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