There are a number of common mistakes that newly engaged always make. Of course, you’ve just gotten engaged and there are a lot of things you don’t know about protocol or everything that goes into planning a wedding.

Someone popped the question, someone said, “I do” and now you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the to-do lists. There are many ideas, suggestions, and a million other things that weren’t a part of your life a week ago. How do you navigate the waters of planning a wedding without drowning or, worse yet, making a huge mistake?

But don’t worry! Bella Honeymoons is here to help you by pointing out some of the common mistakes that both brides and grooms make when planning a wedding. Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll find the task at hand much easier and more enjoyable.


1. Don’t Ask About It One of the Worst and Most Common Mistakes

A huge part of your wedding is the wedding party. We can actually take that a step further and include the wedding guests in “the ask”. Before you rush out and ask your six best friends to all be your maid of honor, and invite everyone you see, it’s best to sit down with your honey and come up with a list that you both agree on for the wedding party.

Before then, no asking anyone and no inviting people to the wedding. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, set a timeframe for asking and be sure to get confirmation from everyone. Not asking is just as much a problem as asking too many people. The “how” you ask someone to be in your wedding is all up to you.


2. Trying to Plan a Destination Wedding Alone

Yes, you can plan your own wedding if you’re the right sort of organized person. Yes, you can plan a vacation by yourself. But if you put those two things together it just doesn’t work.

Think about this: you’re too stressed about your wedding, you don’t know enough about your destination and have no time whatsoever to plan.  Suddenly your dream wedding is an emotional and stress-filled nightmare. Connect with Bella Honeymoons and we’ll handle all of the wedding destination details and guide you to a tropical oasis for a sublime wedding.

3. The Money Talk

Talking about money is uncomfortable for a lot of people, especially when it comes to weddings. Traditionally the bride’s folks paid for almost the whole deal, but that’s changing. The problem is it’s not really clear who pays for what nowadays.

The best way to approach this topic is to be honest and do it as soon as possible. All sides need to be clear about what they can afford and what they’re willing to afford because the wedding budget will dictate a lot of your decisions.

4. Don’t Prioritize

Make a list of the things you absolutely must have, the things that don’t matter too much to you, and then the middle ground items. Try to focus on hitting those musts first and then cut corners where you need to in areas that don’t matter to you.

Too many couples dive in and get everything they see initially and realize they suddenly can’t afford something that’s incredibly important to them.

5. It’s Your Day (and Your Significant Other’s)

You’re going to hear a lot of different opinions and you might feel you need to take those suggestions and use them for a number of reasons. Just remember it’s your wedding day and if you don’t want to do something, then you don’t have to.

But it’s important to remember it’s also your significant other’s special day, so if they have their heart set on something, then you might have to give in and let that be a part of your vision too.

The key to avoiding common wedding planning mistakes is being practical from the very outset and discussing everything. It’s so hard not to be impulsive when you’re this excited but keeping a level head will really help in the long run.

Remember that it’s your special day but that you don’t have to be responsible for doing everything. It’s also a good idea to let go of unrealistic expectations and let yourself roll with the tide a little, in the long run, you’ll be more relaxed and able to enjoy yourself more.


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