Coronavirus has made a sweeping impact across the globe and in a rather sudden fashion, too. Suddenly everyone is aware of social distancing and they’re refraining from touching friends and family. Trying to stay safe and protect others has changed virtually every aspect of our lives and weddings are no exception.

Coronavirus and weddings go together like vinegar and oil – they simply don’t mix, yet somehow people make them work in some surprisingly wonderful ways. If you were planning a wedding and suddenly feel like the corona rug has been pulled out from under you, don’t despair – you can make this happen and you can make it even better than before! Bella Honeymoons has your back and we’re here to offer you some support and guidance.

How Covid-19 Changed Weddings

Let’s take a look at the new obstacles covid-19 threw your way when it comes to your wedding day, and some solutions for how to hurdle over them.

The Size of Your Wedding

This is probably the biggest concern for most people. Weddings tend to be big affairs with lots of people in attendance. Obviously, gathering in large groups isn’t a great idea. So, what do you do? Smaller and more intimate weddings are a great way to handle this conundrum.

The best part is that people you would have invited but now can’t totally understand. In fact, this could be a good thing because you don’t have to invite that third cousin you never liked just because your parents say you have to. Now they can be corona-cut.

Another way to deal with a limited in-person audience at your wedding is to have a virtual wedding. Hey, why not? If people can run entire corporations virtually – you certainly can manage your wedding on Zoom.

You also don’t have to have a live wedding for people to watch. Hire an excellent wedding videographer, have them edit together the highlights and BOOM! You’ve got a wedding video that you can splash all over social media and share with the world.

Coronavirus and the Location of Your Wedding

Forget about the huge country club venue or the packed ballroom, your wedding now needs to accommodate a few people with ample space to spare. The solution is delightfully open to interpretation.

No more high-rent traditional wedding venues, go wild and have it anywhere you want. We love the way one couple turned their friend’s basketball court into a private wedding venue, but you get to be as inventive as you can.

Another bonus, because you’re wedding party and guest list will be restricted, a destination wedding is more practical and you’ll have less people complaining that they couldn’t go. Mexico is the perfect destination because it’s not too far and it’s got all of the tropical, historical, and foreign delights that you want in a destination wedding.

Coronavirus and Sanitation Plus Safety Concerns

This is a fun one actually because you can now have sanitation stations with hand gel that’s customized for your wedding day, guest gifts of personalized masks, signs that ask people to stay 1-wedding couple apart from each other.

Get creative and play with the day. The best way to handle this situation is with a sense of humor and grace. We’re all in it together – which is actually a lovely sentiment and perfect for your wedding day.

If you’re interested in learning more about having destination wedding during the coronavirus pandemic, we have the answers you need, and we can help you make your dream wedding happen. Connect with Bella Honeymoons and let’s start talking about your beautiful wedding day!

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