Trendy and Adorable Flower Girl Dresses for Your Big Day

Flower girl dresses are the cutiest way to have a wedding dress in a mini version. So, if you dream of having a little mini-me on your wedding day or  a couple urchins dressed as princesses you have come to the right place! No matter how you imagine your wedding day and your wedding party, , we’ve got some flower girl dress trends that you’re going to want to check out


The Mini-Me Flower Girl

A tiny bride complete with veil isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s still a very adorable look and you’re guaranteed to have a flower girl who wears a smile all day long. If you can get a dressmaker to create a copy of your gown it will be Insta-worthy for sure, but any white, princess-style gown will give you the miniature bride look you want.

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Printed floral dresses, dresses appliqued with faux flowers, a headband with flowers, and more. Going overboard is the whole point here because who doesn’t love a little girl toddling around looking like a living garden. The style is adorably embellished and will create cute pictures to treasure.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

It doesn’t matter what color you choose for this trend, top to bottom lace is a big hit. It’s a luxe look that can go elegant or girly, it depends on the dress style you choose. The best part of this look is that it doesn’t need a lot more to be complete because, let’s face it, getting some little girls to stay in accessories is next to impossible.

Pastels and Rainbows

If you’re wondering what color is a hit with the flower girl crowd, it’s all the pastels and a touch of rainbow, too. The traditional colors that little girls love are still popular for weddings. The addition of rainbows is a fairly new one, or it could be considered a retro wedding trend, but it’s perfectly in tune with modern wedding style. . Rainbows in pastels? Yes! It could be an absolutely adorable option.


Skirts with Trains and Ruffles

We hate to tell you, but you have to pick one – a train or layers of ruffles. They’re both a delightful statement for a flower girl and a fun addition for your favorite gals. Trains haven’t typically been in for anyone other than the bride, so it’s a good time to add them.

Just remember, playing with trends for any aspect of your wedding is fun and so easy to do and research but they can leave your pictures feeling dated in a few years so choose wisely and make sure it’s something you simply love.

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