Finding a maternity wedding dress can be a stressful situation for many brides who are also expecting. After all, finding the perfect wedding dress is a dream for most women since they were little girls. While being a pregnant bride brings extra joy to your special day, it can also mean a few more challenges when it comes to finding that dress.

Use the following maternity wedding dress tips to dive into wedding shopping and come out holding your dream gown. It’s possible and you can do it!


Finding a Maternity Wedding Dress

When two of the happiest times in your life occur simultaneously, it can be emotionally overwhelming and draining. That’s why these tips are so important – they’ll help you have the wedding you always wanted without being sidetracked by stress.


Start Shopping Early

It’s tempting to put off dress shopping, not only is it quickly tiring, you know that your body is changing rapidly. This is even more reason to shop early believe it or not.

You want to make sure the dress you want is in stock and arrives before your wedding. There aren’t as many last-minute fixes or options if there’s a problem for maternity wedding gowns so get that gown early.

Consult Your Alteration Expert

Whether the bridal house you buy your gown from is providing a seamstress or you’ve got your own, you’ll want to consult with them before making a purchase. They’ll know how to alter the dress to fit your final shape on your wedding day, but they also have a great deal of insight on which dress shapes look best and are easiest to accommodate your growing baby bump.


Know a Bit about Style

Speaking of a seamstresses’ expertise, it helps if you also have some of that understanding. Whether you get it from them, the dress seller, or your own research, make sure you know which dresses fit your body best.

An empire waisted dress is always a great wedding dress cut to hide a baby bump, but we’re seeing more brides who want to show off their shape, which means you’ll need fabric with some stretch.

An Inch a Month

A rule of thumb is to expect to grow an inch a month through the middle, so your dress needs to accommodate that. The problem is, that’s only a generalization and might not fit your situation. This is why it’s so important to select a dress that can be altered or gives you ample room for growth.

Make Comfort a Premium

Your comfort on your wedding day can be the difference between enjoying the celebration or struggling to get through. No one wants to be in the latter situation, so your comfort needs to be at the very top of your priority list.

This doesn’t just apply to your wedding dress, keep this in mind when selecting your shoes and any other bridal trousseau items you’ve collected to wear.

Last Fitting

Your last fitting before the wedding should happen as close to your wedding day as possible, giving the seamstress enough time to make any necessary alternations. If they can do a week before, this typically works for everyone.

You’re on your way to an incredible new life that will be full of excitement and love. And that’s even before the baby comes – expect everything to multiply once your little one arrives. Don’t give up on that dream dress, just prepare and plan and use the tips above and you can have the wedding you’ve always pictured in a dress that makes you look amazing.

Keep checking our blog for even more tips to make your wedding day even better than you ever imagined.


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