Change the date of your wedding, a situation that has become common these days. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus put the dream of many brides on hold.

So, you and your partner are probably facing the great dilemma of postponing your wedding and all that that implies. But how do you let your guests know this in a painless way?

Here we will teach you the best solutions to help you inform your guests about the changes in an elegant and friendly way.

Change the Date Announcement Options

After choosing a new date and having a plan for all the changes you require for your wedding day, you can start planning how to announce it to your guests.

There are different ways to do it and it all depends on your budget and expectations. If you are a classic person you can choose to send change the date cards to your guests. However, if you are looking for something modern and more dynamic, a website will be the best option to keep your guests up to date.

Wording Suggestions

Finding the right words to announce a date change is not easy. Especially when it comes to destination weddings where our guests invested money in lodging and plane flights, among others.

Bear in mind that the most important thing in these situations is to provide clear and precise information. This way your guests can make the necessary changes in their itinerary and be prepared.

So, below we will leave you a few keywords and sentences you can use in your announcement to sugarcoat the situation.

  • Please mark your calendars with our new wedding date
  • Save our NEW DATE!
  • We’ve decided to change our date and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you!
  •  Due to the unprecedented circumstances, we are now getting married on [insert date]

Rescheduling Tips

Change the date can be a stressful time. For this reason, we suggest not making hasty decisions. It is always important to take a deep breath and then sit down to analyze the situation.

Besides, it’s important to note that in these situations you can always ask your wedding planner for advice. They will be able to guide you in the steps to follow that best suit you.

  • After that, you should call your family and your inner circle directly and explain a few things to them. In this way, you will be able to listen and clarify some of the doubts that they may have.
  •  Get ready for scheduling hiccups! Unfortunately, there will be people who will not be able to attend the wedding.
  • Inform the rest of your wedding guests about the date change via email. Time plays an important role here! The faster you announce the change, the more likely people will be able to attend.
  •   Don’t forget to mention that they will receive a card or they will have a website at their disposal with more information. 
  •  Bear in mind that you do not need to send a new RSVP card again. You just need to direct guests to your wedding website or mail the cards with the change to date.

We want to know what you think. Sound off below!

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