There’s nothing quite like the perfect engagement ring. It has to wow from the first moment and be treasured to the last. That’s a lot of pressure if you think about it. How are you going to pick one piece of jewelry that will last for decades and still be just as cherished and special as it was the first time your beloved saw it? 

We’ve got the tips and advice you need to help you select the perfect engagement ring.

How to Select an Engagement Ring

Use the following checklist to give you a head start on engagement ring shopping. Rather than being overwhelmed and making a hasty decision, you can immediately narrow your focus and enjoy the process.


Okay, have you heard that an engagement ring should cost 3 months’ salary – well throw that notion out the window? According to experts, the average engagement ring costs $5,900. That further breaks down to about a third of all couples spending between $1,000-3,000.

That’s a whole different story, isn’t it? So, don’t let a jeweler convince you that you need to put a third of what you make in a year into a ring. You certainly can if you can afford it or want to, but it’s not a requirement and most people don’t even come close.

The 4 Cs of Any Engagement Ring

Have you heard about the 4 Cs? They stand for carat (which is the weight of the diamond), color, clarity, and the cut. Helzberg Diamonds does a great job explaining the 4 Cs and how to use this knowledge to help you buy a ring.

The thing about the 4 Cs is you get to pick the quality, size, cut, and other details of the gemstone. If bigger is everything to your sweetie, you might have to let the quality and color slide a bit to afford a carat level that will make her heart flutter. 


Here’s a tip you probably won’t find elsewhere, but it’s best to skip the trendy engagement rings. Every few years or so, a “new” style comes along. Several years ago, you saw three stone bands as the hottest style around, then more recently, the side stone trend was all the rage.

While these rings are the fad of their time, they then become very dated and you can tell exactly what decade the wedding occurred in. They also lose a little of their specialness when you know a lot of people who have the same ring. 

A better option is to find out what the future bride likes and then try to find a ring that fits the bill. Use the following to help:

  • What type of engagement ring metal does she prefer
  • What diamond shape does she find appealing
  • How big does she want her stone or does she want several stones
  • Are diamonds even the right stone? Some people prefer a different gemstone
  • Is there a particular ring setting that’s preferred
  • Would a custom-made and custom-designed ring be a better option
  • Does your sweetheart love vintage jewelry


Certified Diamonds

There are a couple of different certifications you’ll want to have attached to your diamond. First of all, you don’t want a diamond that’s mined in ways that bring environmental, social, and human rights issues into play – this means you want a conflict-free diamond. The Kimberley Process is the best-known way to track diamonds to make sure they’re conflict-free.

You also want to see that an accredited laboratory like the American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America has certified the diamond. Other certifying agencies are, unfortunately, not as trustworthy and are known for inflating the value of a diamond. 

Finally, your diamond will most likely have a laser-inscribed number on it that you can check against the certificate to make sure they match.

Using the tips above will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your sweetie and help you do so without breaking the bank. The best thing is, when you select a ring that speaks to your loved one’s heart, then they will always cherish it and the lovely sentiment and meaning behind it.

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