Whether you’re already knee-deep in planning for your destination wedding or you’re just considering it as one of your many options, the question of “Who do I invite to a destination wedding” is always a big concern.

Traveling for a destination wedding can be expensive and that’s a big ask from your friends and family. You certainly don’t want anyone to feel obligated if they can’t afford it. Then again, you don’t want to not invite them and make them feel left out. So, what do you do?

Who to Invite to a Destination Wedding?

Luckily wedding etiquette can help you create your guest list – you obviously don’t want to invite one set of parents and not the other, even if you know that attending won’t be possible for one. There’s some common courtesy involved. But all of that considered, asking yourself the following questions can help you determine who to invite to a destination wedding.

  • Travel costs involved and length of travel
  • How long do you expect guests to stay
  • Are there work considerations that will prevent guests from traveling
  • Are there other accommodations and travel options that are more affordable
  • Can you get a group deal and how many people does that include
  • Do your guests get along with each other
  • What is your relationship to the invitee
  • Are you giving enough wedding RSVP notice

Having Your (Wedding) Cake and Eating It Too

One way many couples have solved the issue of who to invite to a destination wedding is to keep the wedding itself down to a select few, say your parents and the wedding party.

Then, these newly wedded couples, have a marriage celebration or a reception back in their hometown. This way everyone can be a part of your wedding, even if they can’t afford the time or the cost involved in traveling. It’s a great way to get the best of everything.

Keep the Destination Wedding Info Coming!

Setting up a wedding website, a blog, or even a Facebook page is a great way to keep guests who are going to the wedding informed. They’ll want to know when they need to book their flights, reserve their hotel rooms, what documentation they need for travel, what the weather will be, etc. 

Since you’ll be looking into that information already or you’ll have a wedding planner and destination wedding travel guide helping you, you can easily share what you learn to make the trip less stressful for your guests.


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