Bride to Be: Should You Have A Destination Elopement?

Once you plan to get hitched, should you have a destination elopement?  But first, consider your preferences, plans, and most importantly, ask your partner. 

With the right planning, you can have the best of both a destination wedding and an elopement. Hire a wedding planner, and ask them to help you with a destination elopement.

What to Consider in a Destination Elopement?

If you need more reasons to be the runaway couple, here they are:

Possible on a Low Budget

If you don’t have enough money for a traditional wedding or a destination wedding with all your family and friends in tow, elopement will work for you. Average weddings in the US may cost around $25,000 to $ 36,000. 

If you plan well, your elopement to a perfect destination will cost you around $500-$5000. Even if you invite your nearest family and friends, it won’t break your bank.   

Intimacy and Experience

Even if money is not the issue, you may find the intimacy of a destination elopement much more tempting. There’s no anxiety or stress to satisfy all your guests. You can focus entirely on the two of you and forget everything else. This way, you will be mentally present and soak in every moment. Hire an experienced wedding planner to plan every detail to perfection. 

No Family Drama

Traditional weddings are typical family affairs with everyone from two sides of your family present. But, many people aren’t close to their extended family. They need a breather from all the drama of an unsupportive or messy family. 

If you’re also one of them, there’s no need asking should you have a destination elopement. It’s the right choice for you. 

Freedom to Combine Traditions

Sometimes, when marrying someone from a different religion or cultural background, it’s hard to combine families and traditions without a tussle. But, destination elopement makes that possible. Instead of disappointing anyone, you can blend both the backgrounds and create a unique way of getting married.

No Stress of Planning or Expectations

When you invite 200 people, expectations are too high. You may feel bummed if things don’t go according to your plans and visions. You spend your savings and still stress over it until the end. But, elopements take much less planning and stress. Your wedding planner can make it a laid-back ceremony with just two of you or a few of your loved ones.

There is nothing wrong with the elopement. You get to choose any destination in the world and enjoy every day you spend there. In the end, it depends on you and your partner. For any help and suggestions, Bella Honeymoons are always here for you. 

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