Find Out 5 Advantages of Celebrating Your Wedding in Mexico

Thinking about a destination wedding? If you are sure you want to get away for your big day but haven’t yet decided where to go, we’ve got the perfect destination for you – Mexico!

Having a wedding in Mexico gives you all the benefits of a destination wedding but it doesn’t have some of the downfalls that you may encounter at more distant locations. It’s almost like having the perfect spot in your backyard.

Not sold yet? Get ready to pack your bags because Mexico is the perfect destination for your wedding.  Here are five fantastic benefits of having a wedding in Mexico. 

Affordability of a Wedding in Mexico

Have you heard the “rumor” that destination weddings are more affordable than traditional weddings? It’s true and Mexico is one of the best deals around.

Destination weddings cost less for many different reasons and those reasons depend on the location, but Mexico is close enough that the travel expense (one of the largest expenses for a destination wedding) is incredibly reasonable.

There’s also the favorable exchange rate, a lower cost of living, the all-inclusive resort experience which cuts down on costs tremendously, an amazing backdrop for mind-blowing pictures without a lot of expensive decorations – but wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. These are all great reasons for having a wedding in Mexico, but the key point here is that they’re more affordable than they would be at home.

Mexican Culture is so Amusing

The ancient civilizations of Mexico and South America create a vibrant tapestry that can be seen everywhere you go. You’re instantly immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and wonder of it all. But you can take that even further if it’s an experience that you want.

Step away from the beach and explore the pyramids at Chichen Itza, folk dancing and festivals in the streets, try traditional Mexican food for a new taste you haven’t experienced in the states – in fact, the cuisine alone is a huge reason to plan a wedding in Mexico.

The Views and Scenery

Sun soaked beaches, high hills with majestic views, and historic chapels are just a few of the settings you can choose for your Mexican wedding day. Just about any vision you have as the backdrop for your destination wedding can be found in Mexico and Mother Nature does all the hard work.

There’s no need for you and the rest of the wedding party to stay up all night hanging streamers and blowing up balloons. A few bows on some chairs, an arch, and you’re ready to go. In fact, if you stay at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, they’ll put it all together for you.

Amazing Resorts

Speaking of resorts – this is truly one of the reasons to fly south for your wedding day. The incredible resorts that cater to groups, couples, and weddings really know their stuff. No wedding day is stress-free, but when you’re dealing with professionals who are in the business of making guests happy and comfortable and tending to their wedding day needs, then you’re in good hands and can relax a little.

The best part is each resort is a little different and they feature different views, amenities, different beaches, and city highlights. This means that you can make a list of the things you think are most important and then Bella Honeymoons can help you select a beautiful resort that hits those important markers.

Weather Window

Mexico is a large country and it’s tropical, so your odds of picking a great day for your wedding are pretty good. Unlike the United States where some states only have a few good wedding weather months, in Mexico the weather is almost always beautiful.

This means you can plan a winter wedding and escape the frigid cold of the United States while getting a tan. It might also save you a little money if you pick a time that’s not quite at the height of tourism.

If all of this sounds amazing to you – a cheaper wedding, dazzling views with an all-inclusive resort catering to you, incredible culture and food in beautiful weather – then a Mexican wedding destination is a must-have. If you’re interested in booking your wedding or even just learning a bit more about Mexico, connect with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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