Did you know that seasonal color trends are indeed a key factor in your wedding planning? That;s right! Color plays a big role in your wedding, it’s almost as important as your wedding dress or venue. Knowing wedding color trends can help you make a great choice that has a huge impact.

The color palette of a destination wedding is a crucial element of setting the stage and getting gorgeous photos. When you have a wedding in a venue that you’ve booked for the day or the evening, you typically get a lot of time to decorate. Your decorations become the backdrop to all of your photos.

A destination wedding is a little different. Here you use magnificent views as the backdrop and there often isn’t a lot of opportunity for decorations. This is why your color palette really needs to pop if you have a destination wedding. So, let’s take a look at upcoming trendy wedding colors.

Fall Wedding Color Trends

Warm jewel tones are heating up for fall weddings. Look for amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and gold tones to create a splash at an autumn wedding. Falling in line with those colors perfectly is smoky quartz. Oprah.com once referred to this as the one color that makes everyone look more radiant.

Seasonal Color Trends for Winter

Winter weddings tend to have an elegant and sophisticated vibe, and the color palette reflects this. Muted grey is a popular color this year and, paired with white, it truly is elegant and refined. If you’re looking for more excitement, navy and sapphire blue are getting a lot of attention.

For fans of the royal hue, this appears to be the season of purple, whether deeply saturated purple or just a hint of dusty lavender, it’s a purple-lover’s paradise.

Spring Wedding Color Trends

It’s probably no surprise that blush pink and light blue are popular colors for a spring wedding. They’re soft, gentle, and stay in the subtle range without being pastel. Saturated pastels used to be the norm for spring but that’s changing. We’re seeing pastels that have a faded tone to them. Dusty rose is one of our favorites because it looks fantastic on just about everyone.

Seasonal Color Trends for Summer

Cantaloupe is a big trend for next summer, it’s fresh, it works great in outdoor settings, and it lets you play with orange without going all the way there. In 2020, this color began making a splash and its popularity just continues to build.

A Note About Destination Wedding Palette Trends

While there is a variation in wedding colors for the seasons, having a destination wedding means that the destination also influences your color choices. For instance, no matter what the season, aqua and turquoise blue are always going to be big beach destination wedding colors. Likewise, sage and emerald are eternally popular for mountain weddings.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, check out other wedding pictures from the venue to get an idea of what the backdrop will look like during your season of choice. This can help you find a complementary color palette.

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