Weddings can be a costly affair that’s why cost-saving tips can be so useful. In fact,  did you know that the average cost of a wedding was close to $34,000 in 2019? And the cost of a destination wedding was slightly higher. But with some planning, you can save a good amount of money.  

Here are some of the best cost-saving tips for your destination wedding.

Set the Wedding Date in the Offseason

You might be surprised to see how much you can save by avoiding the peak season for weddings. The higher the demand, the higher the cost will be. This is true for wedding venues as well. If you have your dream destination already in mind, make it affordable by setting your wedding in the shoulder or off-season. 

Take Advantage of Group Bookings

Don’t hesitate to ask for all-inclusive venue deals and group discounts available for offseason. Many hotels and resorts offer special facilities to couples making bookings for group travel.

And even if your guest list is not very big, the extra amenities and freebies are always welcome. You might even score a sizable discount or convert your 2-day wedding to a 3-day excursion. Some venues even offer wedding packages with additional savings or complimentary services. So don’t shy from asking.

Opt for Local Vendors

Usually, venues provide vendors. But if you plan on using vendors beyond those provided, it is better to hire local professionals. When you think and hire locals, you can save several costs. For example, bringing a vendor from your hometown might involve flying him in or paying for their travel, which is not cheap. Then you have to provide and pay for their lodging expenses.

Think local and hire someone familiar with your destination. These local vendors know everything about the location and can use this to your advantage. For example, a local wedding photographer will know the best-hidden spots and the perfect setting to capture your celebrations.

Plan Your Honeymoon At the Same Destination

Since you’re already traveling to a dreamy destination for your wedding ceremony, save on your honeymoon’s additional travel costs. Save on the airfare cost of traveling to another destination and use those savings to fund your extra stay or spa to unwind after the wedding.

Some venues and resorts offer incentives, discounts, and upgrades to couples that get married and have their honeymoon at the same place. 

To get the best deals, contact our destination wedding specialists. We are always here to help and make it happen for you.

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