First you found the perfect partner, then you picked out your wedding dress, selected the ideal wedding destination, you’ve chosen your color palette and it’s time to go shoe shopping. But wait – destination wedding shoes can be a little tricky because you’re often dealing with natural surroundings which can be downright dangerous in some shoes.

The following wedding shoe tips will help you find the perfect destination wedding shoes to complement your dress and the surroundings.

Destination, Destination, Destination!

Where you have your wedding is going to play a huge role in what type of shoes you choose, from the style to the heel and more. When you think you’ve found a possible pair of wedding day shoes, imaging walking in them and standing in them at your venue.

Think Low about Shoes Style

High heels and destination weddings typically don’t mix. If you’re on a beach, grass, or a rocky expanse then skipping the stilettos is the safer option. While you don’t need to go with flip flops or hiking boots, a lower heel is usually easier to walk on and won’t sink into the terrain. That said – if you want to wear flip flops and hiking boots – go right ahead!

Height with Stability

If you feel you absolutely need some height, then a platform or a wedge shoe will help you get there without giving up all of the stability you’d have with no heel or a low heel. There won’t be the problem of heels sinking but you might have a little more side-to-side wobble.

Color Choices and Different Shoe Styles

White shoes are overwhelmingly the choice for brides, but white can stain easily. Grass and sand are notoriously bad with white crepe, fabric, satin, and some other materials. They can even leave leather looking a little grungy.

While you might be able to clean your wedding shoes after the wedding, you don’t want them to look bad by the end of the day. Instead, select something not white, like a soft grey or tan that can be easier to keep looking crisp. Or you can go a little wild and try and unexpected pop of color.

Consider the Fabric When Choosing Shoe Styles

This ties in with the above tip, the color of your shoe and the material it’s made of will determine your comfort, the appropriateness, and how well the shoe will hold up by the end of the day.

Raffia and cork are becoming very popular construction materials for wedding shoes and you can never go wrong with embellished strappy sandals.

Have a Plan B!

Shoes that seem perfect at home, might not when you get to your destination. Always bring a backup pair of shoes that are the safest, most comfortable thing you can find. Then practice walking down the aisle in both pairs of shoes before the wedding. Let’s put it this way – you’d rather wear flat shoes that you don’t love than wear awesome shoes and fall down in front of everyone.

If you’d like to know more about having a destination wedding, we can help. Connect with Bella Honeymoons and we’d be happy to discuss wedding destinations and we’ll even talk to you about shoes.


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