After you set the dates for your destination wedding, it’s time to start bridesmaid dress shopping. No matter if your wedding is at a beach or palace, there are abundant choices to dress up your girl tribe. Put traditional dresses out of the equation, though. 

Firstly, fabrics like taffeta are nightmarish to carry, and secondly, you can’t breathe in a heavy silk dress if the wedding is at a beach. Explore the following trendy dress designs, instead. 

Simple Wrap Dresses

Besides comfort, wrap dresses are elegant, functional, and classy. Despite being laid-back in appeal, these dresses are much more versatile, and your girlfriends can wear them again. 

Choose maxi-length wrap dresses if your wedding is at a windy beach. The outfit will flow softly with the ocean breeze. A shorter wrap dress is perfect for hot and humid destinations, where you need to stay light and comfortable. 

Incorporate Tiers and Ruffles

Without feeling old-school, you may pick trendy bridesmaid dresses enhanced with tiers and ruffles. Flowy fabrics like chiffon and lace make them ideal for a spring or summer wedding on the beach.

Gathered details at the waist with flowing ruffles look flirty and flattering at the same time. Choose neutral shades like dusty blue, lilac, or blush to match the seaside theme.

Sequined Dresses

If your wedding destination has a warm climate, you may be skeptical about sequins. But, there’s no reason you can’t choose sequined dresses for your girl tribe. Just scale them down. 

For example, choose a matte finish in colors like rose gold, pink, or navy for a glamourous touch without being too glittery. Also, you can match sequins with neutral elements. Pair a sequined top with a simple long skirt or wear a simple crop top with a sequined skirt. 

Halter-Neck Styles

Through leaps and bounds, halter neck dresses have sustained as the mainstay of bridesmaid dresses. Especially in a destination wedding when your bridal party needs to breathe easy and have fun, this style is perfect. You may pick a halter-neck dress with a pleated waist to show off your curves.

Blush Is the Flavor of the Season

Ditch the traditional shades of pink and choose the muted tones of blush. In hues ranging from baby pink to pinkish beige, these dresses define understated charm. 

From ruffled tulip to bubble hemline, off-shoulder, and strapless styles, you may pick any style. You can also mix and match the silhouettes to complement individual body types. 

Even after selecting trendy bridesmaid dresses, traveling with them isn’t easy. So, pack well and hang the dresses as soon as you reach the destination. Ask our expert planners for any help you need.

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