A wedding anniversary is a milestone for any couple, and they are exceptional as any destination wedding. They mark important stages in your journey after you say your vows. You can make these moments unforgettable by choosing a perfect gift for your spouse. 

Since the middle ages, there are specific materials attached to each passing milestone in your marital life. Incorporate these materials into the theme of your celebrations or attire. Here, they are:

Paper for the 1st Year

Paper may seem to be an ordinary material, but you can find many romantic ways to make it a perfect fit for a special day. A lovely handmade card or love letter is the most natural choice, but get more creative to surprise your spouse. If you love to travel, plane tickets are also made of paper. Take the hint, and the world is your oyster. 

Cotton for the 2nd Anniversary

The woven threads of cotton symbolize the way your lives are woven into a stronger bond with time. Crisp cotton bed linens and towels are the perfect gift ideas for the day. Personalize them with your initials just like we do it in destination weddings.

Leather for the 3rd Anniversary

As a mark of endurance and strength, leather is the ideal material for the third anniversary. Think of leather bags, wallets, or a photo album embossed with your wedding date.

Flowers, Silks, or Linens for the 4th Anniversary

Ripe flowers represent how your relationship blooms with each passing year. It is the perfect material for the 4th anniversary. Modern themes include linens or silks as well. So, you can take cues from bridal or groom fashion and pick a perfect silk dress, silk tie, or linen accessories for your better half. 

Wood for the 5th Anniversary

In Welsh, wood is a traditional material for celebrating the 5th anniversary. The trend continues even now. You can choose wood furniture, wine in a wooden box, or travel to a wood log cabin to celebrate the day.

Tin or Aluminum for the 10th Anniversary

As you nurture your relationship, it becomes resilient to blows. That’s what tin or aluminum represents for your wedding. A flower arrangement in a tin box, a cute trinket box, or a tin cup pearl necklace can be the best gifts for the day.

Silver for the 25th Anniversary

After spending 25 years together, celebrate the day with the shimmering radiance of silver. A silver clock or jewelry can be the best thing to gift. You can also choose silver attire or celebrate the day at a luxurious destination. 

Pearl for the 30th Anniversary

Pearls represent beauty, tranquility, and nobility. Choose an elegant gift like a watch or cufflink with a pearl inlay. For more ideas, you may check the latest trends in bridal fashion

Similarly, ruby for the 40th, gold for the 50th, and diamond for the 60th anniversary are valuable milestone materials. It’s your day, so make it unique with a blend of traditional and modern ideas.

If you want to plan celebrations at a particular destination, call our experts for perfect planning. 

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