Just because you are going for a destination wedding away from home, you don’t have to forgo traditions. Don’t miss walking down the aisle or enjoying your first dance as a married couple. With a traditional destination wedding, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Let’s find out how.

Follow Your Religious Traditions

Every religion has certain bridal traditions to follow. Whether you want a Christian union or a Hindu ceremony, incorporate these traditions in your wedding. Ask your planner to appoint a priest, or you can fly with your priest. Intimate weddings at a destination make following these traditions easier. 

Walk the Aisle for a Traditional Destination Wedding

Even when planning an elopement, you can walk down the aisle to your favorite romantic song. The decoration for a beach wedding can include an aisle made with wood planks or flower petals. In a mountain wedding, walk down the trail highlighted by string lights. 

Since your family goes with you, your father or a close family member can hold your arm for this tradition.

Say Your Vows in Your Destination Wedding

Since it’s one of the best wedding traditions, you wouldn’t want to miss saying your vows. So, take references from religious texts or civil marriage playbooks to write your vows. Ask your wedding planner to appoint an officiant as well to complete the tradition

Wear Traditional Wedding Attire

Selecting the right attire is also an important tradition for your destination wedding. Go traditional with your choice. Brides can pick a minimalistic or designer white gown with a veil and train or a lehenga. Tuxedo is the traditional wedding attire for grooms. 

Choose the style and material of your dress according to the weather and venue of the location. Bouquets and boutonnieres are also essential for a traditional wedding at a destination. 

Designate a Destination Wedding Party

A traditional destination wedding isn’t complete without your squad. It’s a thoughtful touch to have your closest buddies on your side on the most special day of your life. 

Select a few people for being your groomsmen and bridesmaids if you need a small party. Also, ensure that the space is sufficient at the location to exchange your vows with your squad.

Enjoy the First Dance

Make a toast and dance as newlyweds to celebrate your nuptials. Believe us; it doesn’t matter if you dance together in front of 300 or 30 guests. The feelings are the same. So, hire a live musician or play your favorite songs on your iPod to enjoy your first dance. 

It’s your day. Make it unique by following the traditions or be creative. For any assistance and help, call our experts. 

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