Belive it or not! Get a wedding insurance may safe your life. Despite all the planning, destination weddings aren’t immune to disasters. From weather disruptions to medical emergencies to vendor accidents, anything can happen to strip away that much-awaited happiness. The losses aren’t just financial, but also emotional.

So, it makes sense to swing some extra bucks and buy wedding assurance for your peace of mind. 

Why Do You Need a Wedding Insurance?

It’s a no-brainer that destination weddings can be expensive. If you face an unforeseen event that forces you to postpone or cancel your wedding, you can save a lot of your money through insurance reimbursement. Here are some reasons that will help you to consider getting one:

Cancelation of Event

Nearly 40% of the claims happen due to the cancelation of a wedding, especially in a destination wedding. It covers non-refundable deposits if you cancel the wedding due to natural disaster, serious illness, accidents, or a vendor bailing at the last minute. 

Mandatory for the Wedding

When planning to travel for a destination wedding, don’t forget to ask the wedding planner if you need compulsory insurance. Many wedding venues may require proof of insurance before signing the contract.

Covers Personal Liability in Destination Weddings

In a destination wedding, you are responsible for any personal injury or damage to the venue. If the venue already has insurance against unforeseen scenarios, you may not need additional liability insurance.

What Does It Covers?

A wedding or event insurance can save you from financial losses occurring due to setbacks like fire, severe weather, vendor issues, or property damage. To cover these losses, you can either go for the liability insurance against accidents and injuries or choose cancellation insurance reimbursing expenses if you cancel the wedding due to unavoidable conditions. 

Even if your wedding attire gets stolen or damaged, you can cover its costs through insurance.  

What Is Not Covered ?

If you have a heart change or cold feet before the wedding, you can’t ask for reimbursement for your expenses in this case. In some insurance contracts, several items from bridal fashion like watches or jewelry are also not covered by the policy. Even if your flight is canceled, your insurance may not cover this expense.

What Are the Costs?

The costs may depend on the factors like venue, location, guest list, and coverage amount you need. Liability insurance for coverage up to $1 million can start at $175-$300. On the other hand, a policy for canceling coverage of $7500 can cost you around $130-$275. 

If you have any confusion or questions, you may ask our destination wedding specialists for suggestions about insurance coverage.  

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