As a stunning destination for weddings, Mexico offers more than gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery. In this vibrant country, you can find plenty of activities to keep you occupied for long. 

You can find many memorable ways to enjoy a beautiful wedding and honeymoon in Mexico from lounging at an oceanfront resort to ziplining or exploring ancient ruins. 

Here are some of the best Mexico excursions for destination weddings.

Plan a Cenote Trip

Mexico offers exotic experiences with its unique cenotes or underwater pools. If you visit Rio Secreto, you will find flooded caves where you can enjoy the views of amazing geological formations inside cavernous chambers. 

This excursion near Playa del Carmen has 15 entrances, and it stretches over seven miles of subterranean rivers.

Zipline above the Trees

Mexico has many exciting locations to try ziplining. Cabo San Lucas offers adrenaline-pumping rainforest experience in the wilderness. Fly over the treetops in the fast ziplines of Puerto Vallarta, where you can go up to 60 mph. 

If you are staying in Yucatan Peninsula for your wedding and honeymoon, you may plan your excursions to the adventure parks in Riviera Maya, offering ziplines below and above the ground. 

Go on a Tequila Trail

If you wonder where your favorite liquor comes from, visit the Jalisco state of Mexico with an entertaining Tequila trail. In this journey, you will pass from Guadalajara to the quaint villages where you can taste Tequila while enjoying the local cultures. Also, you may visit the agave fields that produce the crops used for making this popular beverage. 

Tequila express train also takes you on this trail through breathtaking countryside views. Enjoy the mariachi bands on your journey to the historical distilleries of Tequila when exploring Mexico excursions for destination weddings

Visit the Mayan Ruins

If you love history, take a step back in time to explore the coveted Maya civilization. There are many archeological sites in Mexico that boast of beautiful Mayan ruins. For example, the Nohoch Mul pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula has a steep climb of 120 steps, and you will be rewarded with the most stunning views of nearby jungles from its top. 

You may also plan a trip to Chichen Itza accessible from both Riviera Maya and Cancun. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers delightful insights into the ancient history of the land. You can also enjoy a swim in Ik Kil Cenote, a massive sinkhole existing since the Mayan period.

Apart from these, you may plan excursions to Cozumel’s Marine Park or go to Cabo Pulmo for snorkeling among beautiful corals. For any help with planning your honeymoon trip to any of these excursions, call Bella Honeymoons.

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