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Wedding in Mexico? Find Here The Perfect Beach Wedding Palette

With white-sand beaches, tropical ruins, and clear blue skies, Mexico is a paradise for destination weddings. A beach ceremony in Riviera Maya, Cancun, or Oaxaca looks perfect with jaw-dropping scenery as the backdrop. 

When planning your seaside ceremony, though, you need a perfect beach wedding palette for Mexico. It will highlight the nature around you. Here are some ideas to inspire.

Peach, Gold, and Teal

Due to its feminine and dainty appeal, peach color is adored by many brides-to-be. In your Riviera Maya beach wedding, you can combine peach with gold and teal for creating a beautiful ambiance. 

Although teal is not a typical wedding color, it represents the blue ocean waters in Mexico and blends them with a beautiful sunset represented by gold. 

Navy Blue, Coral, and Fuchsia

For a nautical summer theme, choose a beach wedding palette for Mexico that boasts of coral with hints of fuchsia and lots of navy. It looks perfect for a cruise or yacht club wedding. Use pink and navy accents in attire, decorations, and food to merge the feminine and masculine elements.

Pink, Purple, and White

When you think of a destination wedding in Mexico, purple may not be the first color to strike your mind. It is a bold choice that you can use creatively throughout the theme of your wedding. Match purple with muted tones of pink and white to do the trick. It adds a gorgeous splash of colors in pale hues. 

Mix pink roses with purple orchids on the table settings, bouquets, and boutonnieres to create a striking effect against the white sandy beaches.

Blush, Dusty Blue, and Coral

Coral has palpable beach vibes that outshine any other color. You can easily integrate this shade with others like dusty blue and blush to create a coastal feel. It looks incredible with soft neutral tones and a dash of brightness added by coral. 

Let the groom wear a coral tie with a dusty blue suit, and the bride can have a coral ribbon in her dress to match the theme.   

Tangerine, Peach, and Yellow

Yellow is a perfect summer color and creates a fitting palette with tangerine and peach to celebrate under the sun. It can make any small detail pop to attention. Yellow not only adds fun and cheerfulness but also a sense of hope to the color theme. 

You can match yellow tulips with tangerine and orange for your bouquet or add tinges of peach to your yellow and tangerine table settings.

When it comes to select a beach wedding palette for Mexico, there is no limit to your imagination. You can create any palette that matches your taste. For any help in choosing the right colors and elements, you may contact Bella Honeymoons. 

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