It’s all about the dress. You’ll only wear it once but it’s going to be featured in photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. So how do you find that perfect dress – a timeless classic that makes you look amazing? Start by asking yourself, “Which wedding dress is best for my body type?”

If you agree that it’s all about the dress, then it’s key to understand that it’s also all about the fit. A tiny frame stuffed into layers of tulle and puffy sleeves can be trendy, but it also ends up looking like the bride is being eaten by a lace-covered monster.

On the other end of the spectrum, stuffing yourself into a too-tight mermaid dress can make you look like you’re stranded on the beach. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes is the perfect dress for your body type, a dress that simply shines when you put it on. So how do you find your perfect wedding dress?

Finding a Wedding Dress Based on Body Type

Use these shape tips to help you find a dress that flatters your natural figure.

Wedding Dresses for Straight Shapes

If you’ve got a straight shape that’s more long lines and length than curves, you’ll want to create a little more definition in the waist area to emphasize the curves you have and soften your lines. A sheath dress that isn’t too tight can do just that. You should also look for dresses that pull in the waist, either literally with a sash, or figuratively with lace applique that is heavier on the bust and more sparse after the waist.

Wedding Dresses for Curves

You were made for wedding day glamour. With your figure you can easily pull off skirts with fairy tale volume and length. A little cleavage and you’ve got a fantastic fit. The things to be wary of are the waist and the bodice. You want a waist that accents an hourglass shape but not one that constricts or pulls focus. Covering up your top only makes it look bigger and draws attention from your face. Opt for a little cleavage – remember that grandmas will be there, so not too much.

Best Wedding Dress for Pear Shapes

Small on top and bigger on the bottom, it’s the pear shape that is so common for women but can be hard to find clothes that fit. The great news is, wedding dresses can be fantastic for pear shapes. How often do you get to wear a full, floor-length skirt and really highlights your trim waist? This is your chance. One big tip for pear shapes, try something asymmetrical. That one shoulder look draws attention in a way that’s slimming from ankle to shoulder.

Best Wedding Dresses for Apple Shapes

The inverted triangle or apple shaped woman has a larger bust and is broader across the shoulders. Balancing out your figure is the key to looking phenomenal on your wedding day. Focus on sleeveless bodices with full skirts or an A-line dress. To create an even more harmonious and fluid look, look for lace or appliques that are the same from top to bottom, or has more emphasis on the bottom half, not the top.

Bridal fashion comes in waves. While it’s tempting to ride the trends, they are quickly outdated and by the time you have teenagers, they’ll be sure to tell you how silly you looked. The best bet is to stick with classic elegance and focus on the fit.

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