Does my father have to walk me down the aisle

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 It’s your special day and if you don’t want to have your Dad walk you down the aisle, or you don’t want him to be the only person to walk you down the aisle, you certainly have the right to do whatever you want.

That said, be prepared, because some families put a lot of stock in wedding traditions and they will be hurt by your decision. But let’s look deeper into the custom of giving a bride away and why it’s something people do in the first place.

According to, wedding historian and author Susan Waggoner say the tradition goes back to arranged marriages when the father handed the daughter over and his literal presence was meant to prevent the groom from bailing on the wedding. Not very romantic, is it?

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Like many wedding traditions, the original meaning has been lost or modified over time and today, Dad walking the bride down the aisle is seen as a way to honor your father and the role he played in your life. Since there has already been a pretty big change in significance, why not customize it a little more to fit your situation. Some common modern changes include:

  • Walking down the aisle alone
  • Both bride and groom enter the venue from different areas and walk to meet each other
  • Mom walks the bride down the aisle
  • Stepdad walks with the bride
  • Both Mom and Dad walk with the bride
  • Dad walks the bride in partway and then Mom joins
  • The people who raised you (whomever they are) walk you in
  • A sibling or best friend walks with the bride down the aisle
  • Your child(ren) walk you down the aisle
  • Your faithful dog walks down the aisle alongside you (don’t laugh – it happens)

It’s open to interpretation and this tradition can be skipped entirely, it all depends on your wedding plans. Even weddings steeped in the deepest of traditions, like the Royal Wedding of Megan Markel featured a bride walking solo down the aisle.

Once you’ve made your decision, the difficult part is going to be sharing your plans with your Dad and other family members. Try including them in other special ways so there aren’t hurt feelings and your wedding day will be filled with joy and lov

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