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Is There a Polite Way to Ask for a Cash Wedding Gift?


We Are Saving for a New Home and You Would Prefer a Cash Wedding Gift. Is There a Polite Way to Ask for Money?

Bella Says:

Wanting a cash wedding gift is becoming more and more common and handling it is easier than it was in the past. The internet and wedding websites have subtle and successful ways to suggest a cash gift and for guests to give one.

No Cash Wedding Gift Request on Your Invitations

Before we detail how to politely request a cash wedding gift, we want to point out the one faux pas that you should NEVER do – Don’t put your cash request in your wedding invitation! It seems like the best way to reach everyone, and it probably is but this is still seen as very tacky and rude so skip the cash request in your invite and follow these suggestions instead.

Spread the Word about Your Plans

If you’re planning on building or buying a new home or even if you just need extra cash to upgrade your apartment so you can move in together, chances are your closest friends and family know this. Ask them to subtly spread the word that a cash gift is preferred to help you upgrade your housing situation.

Be Honest about Why You Would Rather a CashWedding Gift

You want the cash for a new home, so why not tell people. Asking for cash feels greedy to some but if you explain that you want it for your first home together or a new home in which to start your life together it suddenly feels much more romantic and practical. So be honest if you’re asked what you’d like.

Use Your Website to Request a Cash Wedding Gift

Most couples have a website for their weddings with all sorts of details. Your gift registries are an important bit of information that your guests will need. Create a space for your gift registry and use the honesty approach, then provide them with a link to a cash site like Honeyfund or one of the other similar cash registry sites.

Tailor Your Gift Registry

Accept the fact that some people prefer the personal touch and will want to give a physical gift, not everyone will agree to give you a cash wedding gift! However, keep in mind that, you’re still going to need some items for your new home, and this is a good time to request those things you know you’ll need. Think a little into the future and ask for the new bath sets you want, linens, décor items and more.

Remember that asking for cash as a wedding gift can be seen as tacky and greedy, subtlety is the key and being genuinely grateful just to have your guests attend your wedding is what matters most. This is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding.

In this situation, your guest’s presence is truly your present. If you’d like to learn more about a destination wedding gift registry, contact Bella Honeymoons and we’d be happy to help.

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