Many people often think that to have a perfect wedding they need to invite more than 100 people. But the reality is that a small destination wedding can be as magical as a large one.

It’s not about the number of guests, a wedding it’s about celebrating love with the people who matter. So, it’s important to sit down and actually make a list of all the things you want, the people you want to invite, and your available budget.

Destination weddings can be a little bit expensive! But with a small group of guests, it’s not an impossible dream. In fact, you can have a small and luxurious wedding that will take less time and money to complete.  That’s why today we have decided to break down some of the benefits of having a small destination wedding.

A Small Destination Wedding Can Cost Less

The most obvious reason why many choose a wedding with a small group of guests is cost. Of course, save money and know-how to invest it during your big day it’s important. But small weddings can be luxurious and fun too. 

You can also enjoy other benefits like having access to outdoor gardens for a wedding venue. Have a budget-friendly cocktail party reception or offer a more luxury menu. Bear in mind! That large weddings require a higher number of food stations. That includes the entrée choices,  the main menu, and the top-shelf bar offering. 

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Small Destination Weddings Offer More Venue Options

 Yes, that’s right! When you host a small wedding destination you may have more venue options to choose.  Think about outdoor garden spaces, cozy venues at the beach, or even the woods. The options are endless when it comes to small wedding destinations!

The best part of having a small destination wedding is that many places and even resorts offer to adapt to their banquet areas. Therefore you can get a wide variety of spaces that will adapt to your needs, tastes, and number of guests.

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Small Destination Weddings Allow You to Spend More Quality Time with Your Guests

Celebrate a wedding involves spending time with your loved ones. This is one of the advantages of a small venue. You can have the chance to actually talk and spend quality time with your guests.

Bear in mind that it’s easier to move around when you have less than fifteen guests tables. Small groups of people allow the bride and groom to visit each table and chat for a little bit with your friends and family. Something valuable, especially when they traveled so far to be with you on your special day.

It may sound superficial at first glance. But at the end of the day, after all that effort and money you will invest in your special day, there is nothing better than enjoying that moment with your loved ones.

Finally, remember, that not because you are hosting a small gathering means it can’t be magical and special for all you.

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