Tips for Traveling With Your Wedding Dress to Your Destination Wedding

It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you find the right wedding dress. The way it fits, feels, and the way it makes you look. It’s a magical moment and you simply know that this dress is it. Now comes the tricky part, traveling with your wedding dress and not going batty with worry.

Getting a wedding dress from your home to your venue can be tricky enough. If you have a destination wedding planned, then your travel worries can skyrocket. Don’t worry, it can be done, and the following tips will help you manage with confidence.

Wedding Dress Travel Tips

Your mantra when traveling with your wedding dress is going to be protection, protection, protection. You want to protect it from wrinkles, stains, and damage. And, to be honest, you want to basically become your dress’s bodyguard for the trip – this is how you do it.

Wedding Dress Travel Bag or Box

Invest in a travel bag or box that’s designed for wedding dresses. While you’ll be given a protective cover when you get your dress, it’s typically not waterproof or durable enough for traveling. If you want to go that extra step, have your wedding dress company or a trusted dry cleaner professionally fold and pack your dress before traveling.

Contact Your Airline

Many planes have closets where they can hang your dress during transit for added protection and it helps prevent wrinkles. But don’t assume your airline is one of those with an open closet, give the airline a call and ask if all of the planes on your trip have a closet, and be sure to tell them you’re traveling with your wedding dress. Typically, the airlines will do what they can to accommodate you.

Your Wedding Dress is a Carry-on

Whatever you do – do NOT check your wedding dress with the baggage that gets stowed under the plane. While an article from the BBC notes that lost luggage is not the problem it once was, you’re not just concerned about your dress being lost, you also don’t want it delayed or damaged. The best bet is to have your dress near or with you at all times.

Now, one thing to note, make sure your wedding gown fits the airline’s carry-on requirements. You do not want to check your dress so imagine your horror when they tell you at the gate that your garment bag exceeds carry-on guidelines and they whisk it away.

Get an Upgrade

If you can afford to fly first class, do it. Not only do you deserve this special treatment as you travel to your wedding destination, your dress will then (typically) get special treatment too. If first class isn’t an option, how about buying a seat for your dress? Then you know where your dress is at all times because it’s your travel buddy.

For those who can’t afford to fly first class and buying an extra seat is out of the question, you can still luck out. When you arrive at your gate, ask the flight attendant if the flight is full. If it isn’t, explain that you’re traveling with your wedding dress and would love to be able to keep it on an empty seat next to you. Voila – you’ve got seating for your dress.

Plan for a Touchup

Even in the best of circumstances, your dress isn’t going to be picture-ready when you arrive at your destination. Make sure you plan ahead for steaming or pressing. Whether you have the hotel steam your dress or you bring a portable steamer and do it yourself, get ready to deal with wrinkles.

Just remember that traveling with your wedding dress is all about protection, protection, protection. Make sure it’s properly packed, then safely stored in the plane or sitting next to you, and plan for some wrinkles when you arrive at your destination. If you let your airline know in advance that you’re bringing a wedding dress, they can help you protect it in transit and most are more than happy to help.

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