Wedding Tipping Guide: All You Need to Know about Tip the Right Percentage

Tipping is a good way to show gratitude, and having the perfect wedding is not an easy task. This implies that there are hundreds of people involved in each part of the process.  Making sure to achieve a perfect and magical day for the bride and groom.

Offering a good tip to your wedding vendors is an important way to show that you appreciate their hard work. But the reality is that many couples sometimes find it difficult to know how much to tip each wedding vendor.

 So, if you are  confused about how much to  tip your wedding vendors, you have come to the right place.  Here you will  find a  cheat sheet for tipping wedding vendors that will make your life easier. In addition to helping you establish a better budget for your wedding.

And the best part of all, is that we will teach you  important details like who you should tip, how much, and why.

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Tip Your Hair and Makeup Artists

Many times people forget that hair artists should also be tipped for their effort. After all, these people move with you to the destination venue to help you have the perfect look.

So, how much are they expecting to get? Well, in this case you should offer them 15 % to 20% of their current fee.

Tipping and Wedding Planners

A frequently asked question is ‘should you tip wedding planners?’ The answer is No. The reality is that this is optional. But if you feel your wedding planner did a great job and you want to compensate him, you can offer a tip of 10% to 20 %.

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The Right Percentage to Tip Your Catering Staff

Probably, the first thing that crosses your mind when thinking of tipping your wedding vendors is catering. This is because they are the fundamental key in the process. They guarantee that your guests enjoy an incomparable evening.

So, bear in mind that although your contract doesn’t include gratuity, you should tip 15% to 20%of the total bill.

  Tipping Your Photographers

They are in charge of capturing the most special day of your life in images and videos. Thus, it is important to choose the right staff and reward their work at the end of the evening.

But here is the thing! If they don’t own the studio you should tip an extra % 50 to $ 200 bucks as a way to say thank you for your effort. If not, it’s not mandatory to give them a tip.

Officiants and Tipping

Keep in mind that most officiants won’t accept tips. However, you can show your gratitude to them by offering a donation to their church. 

The magic number? Couples usually offer a $ 100 bucks donation to the church. Especially if they are not charging for their services. So, if you want to make a more significant donation it’s up to you.

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